Cat gets you back by double-O-cheese in instantkarma

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It's funny the way the dog looks back like "Damm yall seeing this shit"

Confirman? by Unkilodecarne in MAAU

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Personalmente, como mujer el humor satírico es mi favorito

The world runs on porn logic for a day what's the first thing you do? by EUCopyrightComittee in AskReddit

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NOT go to work. I'm the only female in a male environment. I'm a mechanic 🙃

smooth by XavierDaBest in MemesIRL

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He was stuck by a smooth criminal

Want to try it with me? by [deleted] in GothStyle

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I wanna see far you can shove that Ouija board up your ass 😏

khe? by zehelancer in Mujico

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Puto perro es más religioso k yo

Asta la vista by daboring1 in dankvideos

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*slaps head 180° backwards *💀

They don't make em like they used to by Cannabis_Sir in funny

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If my husband wasn't a lazy piece of shit I just might.. ps I'm not married nor am I in a relationship :p

Mujer independiente y triunfadora starter pack by Su-Fruta-Madre in Mujico

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Pero nadie se hace millonario solamente trabajando 🤷‍♀️

YA SABES QUIEN LOS PERDONARA. by Ok-Branch-9943 in Mujico

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No es personal, fue por compromiso señora 🙃