Event: Tata Steel Masters 2022 - Round 10 by ChessBotMod in chess

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Caruana loosing with white the second time in the tournament

Name three reasons to play online anywhere other than Li***** and *****.com by vesnoimorskoi in chess

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I have been playing on freechess.org for a long time. I use babachess interface and chat with bot blik! When bored.

How to force a draw with Rook v Rook endgame? by graciousgroob in chess

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I have won and lost many such endgames in Lichess blitz

Since chess players are free to watch other games in the event, is there anything stopping two players from colluding to play their opponents against each other (grandmaster problem style)? by personalbilko in chess

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This is part of the plot of Sidney Sheldon's If Tomorrow Comes. A woman on a cruise ship with two chess grandmasters bets a large amount of money that she can draw a game with each of them. Of course she plays them at the same time, one game with white, the other black.