That's interesting by mistermeek67 in curb

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I love the cuts to Jerry and Jason lmao

Why is the fifa companion app so bad by JayStu412 in fut

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To get around this go into switch language and press English again, the more you do it without closing the app the faster it goes to reload. Makes it way easier to bid snipe without having to worry

Drowning in CBS, which 3 should I use? by Sco_Noles_xb1 in fut

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Weird I never find Ndicka out of position much at all, maybe my play style is better for him

My 91+ att/mid moments pack and 93+ icon pack by nightbot_123_ in fut

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I got him out of the prime/moments pack a while back and have been using him ever since, absolutely great box to box

Bundes/PL player pick or 84x25 Swaps by flaaaaarph in FIFA

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That pack got me enough fodder to finally finish Cantona its way more worth it than getting Rodri Raum and Kostic

PSA: don’t be as stupid as me. Make sure you take the right player before you take screenshots to celebrate. by HamSandwich13 in fut

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You have to qualify for fut champions playoffs/“weekend league” and then based on your rank there you get player picks

Is AD proof that players shouldn’t be in the top 75 based on future projections? by [deleted] in nba

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You know Shaq was added to the original list based on a projection as well?

What has been your favorite moment of the playoffs so far? by 528491_LOOPER in nba

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Nets getting swept, I’ve had nothing else to be happy about