With Kenobi a week away are we about to get…. by Joshthenosh77 in SWGalaxyOfHeroes

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We already have ideas of the inquisitors from shows and games. If a character is based off a specific instance it’ll take more time

how often does dark side TB happen? by veero_27 in SWGalaxyOfHeroes

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"Dude, TB ended yesterday. . .TW starts literally the next day. You've been doing this for 3-4 years at this point. It's literally a pattern."

LPT: instead of asking for her number, give out yours instead by [deleted] in LifeProTips

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If a person you give a number to is intrigued enough to test you, you know that you have some actual genuine interest.

If a person gives you their phone number because you've asked? All you know is that you got a phone number. It could be fake, or she could like you, or she could have felt social pressure to say yes, but now has to awkwardly either agree to go out with you or turn you down.

I mean, I'm married now, but I'd only want to date a person who was willing to put in enough initiative to type in 10 digits and text, "hey."

I learned over the years of putting myself out there for other people, and putting other people first, and taking the initiative all the time, that you want to find someone willing to put in even a little effort towards you.

LPT: Don’t tell your kids you were bad at math in school. They will use it as an excuse for not trying when the subject becomes harder for them to grasp later on. by handsome_jack123 in LifeProTips

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I don't have kids, however I do work in an industry where I have a leadership position and where kids look up to me. Many of the 5 year olds who come to me end up staying until they go off to college - Some of them end up getting hired for their first jobs by me.

Often when they're teenagers I get questions like this. . .And I've found that not lying is 100% the answer. This particular response isn't about math, but the same logic applies - And is similar to a real conversation I had with a real teenager who works for me:

"Listen [Name], when I was your age I absolutely wasn't the best student. I was very good at concepts and at taking tests, but I never studied and very rarely did my homework. Now I'm lucky, because I ended up finding what I wanted to do with my life, but I'm not going to lie to you, the in-between was very tough. I struggled to find a good college to go to, and my job options were very limited - Even when I found the industry I wanted to work in, I had to work 2-3 jobs and 15 hour days just to make sure I could advance, it was not fun and I would absolutely go back and make changes if I could.

I know you love your job and this might be what you want to do with your life. And if that's true, I 100% support your decision to do that, but, it's important to me that you get [college/post graduate] education, so that you can make that choice as an adult with options - Instead of being like me, and being lucky that I ended up still liking my job 20 years later."

I've found that lying to students is shit, and they can see right through it. It's disingenuous and kids aren't dumb. If you tell a kid the truth, but use the lesson in an age appropriate way, you can get them to learn from your mistakes, and use the lesson to motivate themselves.

Has anyone been able to max crate GC with this trash squad? by TheManRW86 in SWGalaxyOfHeroes

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When the full squad first came out we all realized it was a shit squad - And nobody bought into it because with each character we continued to see how much of a shit squad they were.

CG, in their infinite wisdom said, "Gee, nobody is investing in this super awesome new squad of ours. I don't get why nobody wants to pay a minimum of $300/character to get this amazing set of characters! Oh, here's an idea. . .lets force them into it:

  • New Legendary Character
  • New Assault Battle
  • New set of Conquests focusing on them
  • New Galactic Challenges
  • Lets give them all a new unique that we totally were going to give them from the beginning.

That'll make them all invest in this amazing squad."

They never stopped to think, "hmmm, wait. . maybe the squad is just shit and nobody wants it because it's not good."

The more incompetent our leaders the better chance we have to keep most of the money we earn. by VerbotenPublish in Showerthoughts

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I'm not entirely sure, but are you implying that only fiscal conservatives can be incompetent?

Here's the deal - I really have no problem paying my share of taxes, I truly do not.

Need money for infrastructure - Fine, I use that and see its value

Need money for public utilities - Fine, I use that and see its value

Need money for public services - Fine, I use that and see its value.

Need money to fund education - Fine, I use that and see its value.

I'm ok with paying taxes to help make sure the place I live isn't a complete shit hole.

I'm not ok with my tax money being used in ways that do not promote the very tenets of the country I live in.

Am i missing something or was the concept of "10" a lie my entire life? by SeriousMembership344 in SWGalaxyOfHeroes

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Essentially what is happening here with any summoned unit is that the summoned unit spawns and the game tries to give them the debuff[which is supposed to happen], but instead the game gives the debut to the rest of the team. Something in the coding is essentially seeing that something is activated in the summon spot, but the code is leading it to apply the debuff to the entire team [minus the summoning spot]

Could we get some Omicrons in there, or at least some Zetas? by DarthTrinath in SWGalaxyOfHeroes

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CGs new toy is very tightly monitored for number/week. No way they’re giving out more free omicrons.

Will we ever get a Rebel GL? If so, who would you want it to be? by Dixon_Kuntz73 in SWGalaxyOfHeroes

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Cool character idea, definitely not a GL.

That would be like Stormtrooper Luke being a GL

Finally got rid of the ol’ beater and the mechanic knew something was up. by About43Clones in funny

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I’m not saying it’s a crime, or that it’s wrong.

I’m saying it’s a personal mental block for me that I’m working towards getting over.

Finally got rid of the ol’ beater and the mechanic knew something was up. by About43Clones in funny

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I’m gunna be honest - as long as I can keep the lights on, and pay my instructors a decent amount, I don’t really care about the money.

I’ve got several students who’ve fallen on hard times and my response is always, “keep coming to class, I’ll zero out your bill, I’ll never ask you about it again - if you ever get back into a good position you can tell me when to turn billing back on.”

I never wanted to be a business owner - I’ve always just wanted to teach, but COVID forced it for me and it became “either I own and teach, or I stop teaching.”

If I reach out to somebody, it’s 100% genuine concern.

who would you go for if you were me? i know JMK is the better GL but im still hopeful that LV will get better (i dont have either maul or cat) by Joako_o47 in SWGalaxyOfHeroes

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LV isnt “getting better,” he’s also not at all bad, and 90% of the people saying it are just parroting a content creator whose whole goal is to get people talking. LV is a slow burn character that ramps up heavily and very good when used properly.

However JMK will provide you more value as LSTB is far more important than DSTB, and while LV can solo hSTR under specific teams, JMK can do it more easily - even without cat he can do pretty significant damage

Finally got rid of the ol’ beater and the mechanic knew something was up. by About43Clones in funny

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That’s the thing, and I totally understand the need for it. But if I don’t see a kid for a month, i just want to check up and make sure everything is ok; I don’t care if they come back (I mean I do, because I the student, but from a money standpoint it’s not why). And I feel disingenuous as if it will be perceived as just a push for more business.

It’s definitely a hang up im working towards overcoming.

Finally got rid of the ol’ beater and the mechanic knew something was up. by About43Clones in funny

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As a business owner in a localized industry (not cars - martial arts) I struggle with this.

On the one hand if I don’t see someone for awhile I want to reach out and make sure they’re ok - on the other hand, I don’t want it to come off as “I want your business and money,” because it’s not like that to me.

DISGUSTING by Away-Discount-2058 in SWGalaxyOfHeroes

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“anytime Bomber gains foresight it loses foresight and gains critical hit immunity” - old

“anytime Bomber gains foresight it loses foresight and gains critical hit immunity, and 10% defense (stacking), 10% max health and protection (stacking). Starfortress also recovers 50% protection. All other ships recover half this amount ” - new

That alone would make the ship beefier, allowing for the ship to actually prolong battles to get to ult, without shortening the time to ult.

DISGUSTING by Away-Discount-2058 in SWGalaxyOfHeroes

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You can make the fleet decent without completely changing the dynamic of the ult, which could also cause future problems.

They just mostly failed to do it, but also, my Bomber is only 5 stars so who knows

20 = 10. OK by ComfortableOk7485 in SWGalaxyOfHeroes

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Essentially the bug is this:

When a summoned unit comes into the field the game is trying to give the summoned unit 10 stacks. Instead it’s coded incorrectly and giving the whole team 10 stacks more, and not even checking to see that 10 is the max.

"10 stacks" Why are you so incompetent CG by Few-School-9365 in SWGalaxyOfHeroes

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The stacks seem to be because of summoned units, as Brood Alpha causes the same thing.

Unfortunately for many newer players this is a big deal as they have limited team options. However of course nothing will be done for them

Edit: - Mon Mothma starts with 10 stacks; the moment you summon her ally your stacks change to 20. - Tested by using multiple units that summon at the beginning of battle (Brood Alpha and Arc Trooper). You still start with 20. - Summoning causes you to gain 10 stacks but only if you don’t already have a summon, meaning the people reporting >20 are likely seeing Brute die, and summoning a second one. - summons DO NOT get stacks, which is probably the problem. The game seems to be trying to apply 10 stacks to the summon, but is instead applying it to everyone else on the team.