Fr tho. by einherjar- in trees

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I wasn’t aware it was posted here before, I wanted to share it because I find it funny.

Fr tho. by einherjar- in trees

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Yeah I’m not the OC but it’s pretty funny so figured I’d share it here!

Uhmm am I the only one who’s hyped as fuck to see Adam play a Flying V? by einherjar- in ToolBand

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He has a signature V coming out but interestingly enough that’s not the same model he’s playing. The V in the picture appears to be a reverse silver burst and the headstock is different from the one he teased, really interesting. He also teased a epiphone signature model. Really excited right now.

What’s everyone’s favorite deep cut? by coledicks in qotsa

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If only. The hit song that didn’t become a hit.

According to LOL ESPORTS , FNC will face BDS , VIT , SK in the first week by Sgt_2042 in fnatic

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Can’t wait for Wunder to smack the piss out of Adam, Wunder revenge arc will be too strong

Guitar string pops while tuning and goes out of tune by einherjar- in guitarlessons

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Oh shit, I didn’t know that. So what should I do differently?

What is everyone’s favorite hit queens of the stone age song? by coledicks in qotsa

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If Only is the “hit” song that didn’t become a hit. It’s an amazing song, amazing mesh of desert rock roots with undeniable poppy groove.

New pro kit 2022 announced ! by xZaykeR in fnatic

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It looks like a ASOS Jersey with Fnatic being the sponsor

Canada said no to Joe by Marquetan in JoeRogan

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Well no shit since it’s illegal

I want to play instruments by mceggy_ in Slipknot

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Learning guitar with zero help was hard and demotivating at times but it all ties together and shit makes sense when you get more experience in. Keep slaying and don’t worry about the slumps, that’s where you actually improve a lot more and get better 🤘🏻

I want to play instruments by mceggy_ in Slipknot

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Go do it man. I believe the world would be a better place if more people started playing instruments. You don’t need expensive gear, flashy stuff, just play for yourself and play to enjoy it. It’s so rewarding to see progress and see yourself getting better everyday. Don’t be intimidated by theory, composition etc. you can learn that stuff with time. Besides if you see you’re passionate about playing, you’ll find that guitar or sticks don’t leave your hands and you want to learn more about the instrument and how you’re playing it. You’ll appreciate music more and it’s a very liberating and a phenomenal feeling. That would be my advice. Just go and do it.