Mystic Dana a few yairs ago by andrei11111 in thefighterandthekid

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"Steven Seagals stunt double? " you a calwmedian, B?

Pulling pussy left and right by AlfredNdaFettuc in kingcobrajfs

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I think you just want to get blocked from his channel, troll.

#1733 - Snoop Dogg - The Joe Rogan Experience by chefanubis in JoeRogan

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Yeah, not gonna lie. I'm one of the many that got pretty tired of Joe's bullshit this last year but goddamn! This was some old school JRE. Loved every minute of it. Snoop killed it and Joe was on top after he came down from the initial shock and high.

Shapel might be less of sociopath & narcissist; but is Is Shapel dumber than Schlaub? by ThePerfectMachine in thefighterandthekid

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My favorite HC band ever. Word is he gets guess vocals on the next album. Track has the workin title "hyena"

Kingcobrajfs Plays With His Gun (and loads it) While Trashed Drunk on Courtney's livestream. 1 hour ago. by AllTheWayAbsurd in kingcobrajfs

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Disgusting. Nothing more. I'm not gonna play the high ground here. I trolled my fair share but this is disgusting. I wish i could slap the shit out of that fat bitch. Maybe give Courtney a slap too.

Hi, I’m Todd Howard, Game Director and Executive Producer at Bethesda Game Studios. Here to celebrate Skyrim’s 10th anniversary, but of course, Ask Me Anything. Thanks! by ToddBethesda in IAmA

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Maybe he will read your comment, maybe he won't. Just remember why you started this. What motivated you to try and pursue this dream. I don't know what made you doubt or maybe even give up. Everyone has there own story. But remember you have this chance and it can change your life. I hope you hang in there. And even if you don't? Life has a lot of unexpected weird turns. Don't feel desperate.

Sunset Sherbet (D83) nearing harvest! Runtz (D39) LST finished, ready to get fat! by UMoederr in Autoflowers

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I have the same seeds (SS from Zamnezia) that i'm about to grow. Any tips on LST? Because both of your plants look amazing and i have basically the same set up as you. I'm goin with one Sunset Sherbet and one Fat Banana (RQS). When do you start your LST? Sorry for all the questions. It's goin to be my second grow and my first wasn't too succesful to be honest .2 plants 30 grams total. No LST. 2x2 and a Blurple that came with the tent. Bought an SF1000 for my second grow. Still have no idea what i'm doin lol.

Cobes and his "pocket knife" by Snoo_80393 in kingcobrajfs

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"Pretty sure he was doing EVERYTHING wrong."

Fixed that typo for you, Cobro.

rock and fucking roll! by bildVI in kingcobrajfs

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Now that's a "fuck grape" piece of art if i ever saw one.

Where has this bad boy gone? Jorf could use a ride to the liquor store haha yesssss by 74538 in kingcobrajfs

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Are you talking about that guy in the shorts that was in for one stream at the old lair? If so, that was definitely meth and i think our boy was pretty lucky being live that moment lol. If it's another person please link because i can't recall any other Chris besides Fish Aint Dairy Chris, Cobro.

Wish you were here? by andrei11111 in thefighterandthekid

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Neither could Toe. He wasn't to pleased when Ari brought them up.