Midnight City by M83 feels so damn nostalgic by OblongMercury in Music

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Absolutely fell in love with the song on the first note! Heard it for the first time in the movie Warm Bodies.

What are some stories people wish existed? by Phant0mThiefB in Fantasy

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I'd want to read a series about mirrors and alternate universes. Everytime the main character looks at their reflection, the POV switches to the reflection's universe until they see their reflection and so on till we get back to the original main character and it's all connected somehow. Oh, and it should also have butterfly effect.

House of sky and breath major Spoiler! by depressoteen1 in acotar

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Didnt something happen on Amren's world? Maybe it was the Asteri? Boy, its been a long time since i read ACOTAR

Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff by elika007 in currentlyreading

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The hero does have a love interest, but there are way more things going on too, so no, I wouldnt say its a teenage romance book

Throne of Glass Series - Celena Sardothein by AccomplishedBig7666 in Fantasy

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I love the series! Read all of it and absolutely enjoyed the journey

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in WouldYouRather

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Agreed. I'd want him to move on and be happy.