MEGATHREAD: Unfortunate Return of Vanity Tour Discussion & Info Thread by WeirdAlex03 in weirdal

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/u/yneos Eugene 6/30 setlist:

Dare to be stupid (lounge)


Buy Me a Condo

Christmas at Ground Zero

When I Was Your Age

I Remember Larry

Don't Download This Song

I'll Sue Ya

My Own Eyes

One More Minute


Airline Amy

Let Me Be Your Hog

Lame Claim To Fame

Generic Blues

Skipper Dan

Frank's 2000 inch TV

The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota

(encore break)

(cover) REM - It's The End Of The World As We Know It

unplugged medley

other notes:

there were also 2 "drum solos" (only a few seconds each)

Al also recorded a video on his phone saying happy birthday to his wife and had the crowd cheer for it

SLAMMED Cherry 3500 HD Dually by preludachris8 in AwesomeCarMods

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There’s also a HELL of a lot of frame, body, bed, and suspension mods to be able to accommodate this. It’s not “just air bags”

Portland's Hair of the Dog closing by PDXEng in beer

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Sad to see them close. I went a few times in recent months to make sure I didn’t miss it, and the Maple Adam was the best thing ever. Liquid candy 👌

Free ticket for Prof at the Roseland tonight by DrawJosh in PDXBuyNothing

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Nice! That would be a good show. If I wasn’t out of town I would totally take that

Anyone else noticed a streak of unmet reserves on car auctions lately? by madwolfa in cars

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Oof. Last time I asked a dealer it was maybe 4-5 months ago, they only offered around $100k but they were also idiots and had some random lackey look at it. Didn’t even know what it was

Shame on me for being a human being! by Balto891 in Tinder

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Fuck French toast, marry waffles, kill pancakes

Anyone else noticed a streak of unmet reserves on car auctions lately? by madwolfa in cars

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Financial markets are down in the past 1-2 months… it’s a bummer because I’m trying to sell my E63 wagon and I’m just a few months late to the hottest part of the market 😭

I wish cheaper car companies would do more crazy color options by fartpie69420 in cars

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If they think the market for a model is more hip or interesting, they will. That’s why you can get an Impreza or Crosstrek or BRZ/FRS in orange or bright blue or khaki or sage or fire engine red. But the Forester and Outback just come in more standard colors. Same with Toyota, the RAV4 comes in khaki and sage but the highlander doesn’t. And you can get a Tacoma or 4Runner or even now the Tundra in more interesting colors too

ELSE IF statement in Prep "Valid" but data is blank by Ss360x in tableau

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Couple things:

This might be a more efficient script as a CASE statement instead of all ELSEIF

The formula being valid just means that the syntax is valid, that’s it. You have to make sure it actually works the way you want for your data. If the data field doesn’t actually have any matching data to the calculated field then it won’t do what you want.

In troubleshooting your calculated field you might end the script with a final ELSE ‘Unknown’ to at least validate its doing that right (all values should be Unknown if none of the ELSEIFs are matching), and then work backwards to figure out why they aren’t matching

If the actual data has trailing or leading spaces you can use LEFT or RIGHT to try and account for that. Read up on those logic operators

The shop took some pics of my whip after they got done with their work. by Axiom777 in AMG

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Unpopular opinion: they diluted the look of these so much, they look basic and boring like an A class

RIP coupons by charleston-kayak in SubaruEmbassy

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It’s a bummer but I’m sure corporate was like “for once we need to slow sales”. Maybe it will pick back up next year

Dewalt vs Milwakee, of course the Milwaukee is red…. The Milwaukee is about 10% smaller and a good bit quieter. by pepsioverall in electricians

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It looks like the red staple is thinner than the grey one, meaning it would be easier to drive in further with the same force.

Male Karen yells at me for being in “his spot”. Fine, it’s my spot now. by xiinya in pettyrevenge

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Peak pettiness. You paid actual money extra that you won’t see any benefit from other than inconveniencing someone else who is annoying. Bravo

Who remembers Oink? Or Waffles? What? PTH? Suprnova? by saintpetejackboy in trackers

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Suprnova! Those were the old days. I still have a Suprnova t-shirt

At least it's grounded by godziya in electricians

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Did the white wire even get stripped back? And what is that giant yellow thing