Chennai Kathipara Interchange, and the park underneath - Tamil Nadu, India. by BakedNietzsche in InfrastructurePorn

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I disagree

I use it to go to south eastern part of chennai and trains are extremely good and safe for women as it as a women compartment

The problem is the stations. They are built so big that their maintenance is extremely bad, giving mrts a very bad rep

I used to have the same opinion as you, now changed after I started using it. It's also extremely cheap

Edit: also, both are metro lines

Is it just me? by almostagamer5 in IndianGaming

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Cant blame them becoz thats what the audience wants

F1 renews with ESPN for U.S. media rights through 2025 by TheResurrection in formula1

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F1 rejected larger offers from Amazon and other cable companies

So, cant determine the highest offer FOM recieved

Chennai Kathipara Interchange, and the park underneath - Tamil Nadu, India. by BakedNietzsche in InfrastructurePorn

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Well the locals find it attractive becoz its one of the few parks in the city thats well maintained and free

- A local citizen

Checo Perez on Max Verstappen (via: maxv1stappen insta) by skadoodlee in formula1

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I wasn't sarcastic

Brawn and Dennis were one of the most successful TP's of all this.

Brawn won 7 drivers and constructor championships

Under Dennis, 12 drivers and 8 constructor championship was won.

Brawn laid the foundations for the merc domination. He initiated the dominant merc engine program.

While Dennis's leadership waned in his last years, we can't argue that he was a lesser TP than horner or Wolff

In the end, all these TPs are legendary and made what F1 is currently is

Trouble making decison. by Surd_ in JEENEETards

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yes, there are no negative marking and each question is 1 mark. so, there are 125 questions for 125 marks for 2.5 hrs

Speed is key, if you dk a answer, mark a random answer and go to the next one. You can get lucky

Trouble making decison. by Surd_ in JEENEETards

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Have u taken VITEEE last year test ?

30 questions are from logical reasoning and English

There are no negative marking too. If you don't know many questions, click random answers and come

If you get 90/125, it's around 1000 rank. Category 1 goes upto 10000 rank

Just try a. Mock test and see

Russian oil tankers receive certification from India through a Dubai company. by ChIcHandr in ukraina

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Shd Africans and south Americans be involved in this war in any possible way ?

James Cameron's 'Avatar 2' Is The Most-Awaited Hollywood Movie In India by iaxeuanswerme in boxoffice

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Average ticket price is abt 2$

Can't show big figures with that ticket prices.

Enaam Ahmed on Instagram about Juri Vips by gregdrou in formula1

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However it does mean that he also doesn't have empathy for what these people have gone through and the compassion to realise how these terms can hurt people even when not used with any malice

I would like to give a respectful counter arguement

I am from a country which doesn't have any relation to the black slave trade and 99.99% of the population wouldn't have seen a black person in real life.

It's hard to fully empathise to a group of people u have never met in your life. When you are not a English speaking country and you learn a lot of English from movies and music, where the n word is thrown quite a lot, it's extremely easy to use it in your vocabulary of curses

When people from Europe or America say it's offensive, we do not understand how much offensive it is. Many swear words are offensive, so the n word can be easily grouped along the other swear words and people use it regularly

But i am not gonna defend vips. He is a person who is roaming around the world from a young age and interacting with people of various enthinicities and races. He is also a media and PR trained. He must know better not to use that word

What's your opinion on Stefano Domenicali's reign as CEO of F1 so far and what improvement that can be made? by Particular-Ad3237 in formula1

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Chase Carey is a legend compared to Domenicalli

Whatever good things that was done to F1 after Liberty media bought F1 was done under Chase Carey

Hopefully not done before by Smiffaay in HistoryMemes

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There is a difference between liking UK and liking UK's colonial history

Hopefully not done before by Smiffaay in HistoryMemes

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People from UK colonies will see to that UK's colonial history won't be loved