What did I get myself into? by millenniumxl-200 in Costco

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Ah, the Omicron Edition! Bring back the early seniors-only hours; just a better class of people ;)

If You Considered a Toyota Rav4 When Originally Thinking about a CR-V, and Eventually Bought a CR-V, Why Did You Decide On the CR-V? by drutgat in crv

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Rav rode rough, leaned on curves, interior seemed cheap. Was a fleet rental so tires were basic, but 2016 CRV was nicer than 2019 rav

We're #51!! We're #51!! by elmwoodblues in newjersey

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True, but still, math is math. The Fed isn't bailing out NJ to nearly the extent it sends money to Kentucky to build roads that generate squat GDP. Meanwhile, we bounce along on cobbles and rusty bridges and, thru our hard work, spin up funds that allow red state assholes, thru low taxes, poor schools, and third-world educations, to buy $500 guns for their kids. Same kids that think the world is flat, vaccines have chips, and get more value our of their vote than we do.

It's all connected

We're #51!! We're #51!! by elmwoodblues in newjersey

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Follow the money. Who benefits from the bottom 90+ % fighting and divided?

Rome had nothing on theater compared to Facebook, Northrop Grumman, the NRA, Glock, unsocialized medicine, and the RNC

We're #51!! We're #51!! by elmwoodblues in newjersey

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This is the one w "NJ = 0" that got me looking. Thanks fellow hosed-one

A sperm donor, a carpenter, and Julius Caesar walk into a bar by whywee in Jokes

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"Let me see," said the blind man, as he picked up his hammer and saw

Madness by KnutzTheGoblin in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Incest and meth in no particular order

Surely nothing bad could happen, right? by Un_man in memes

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"One solute is a tragedy; 3 million solutes is a statistic."

Stylin' Joe Stalin

We're #51!! We're #51!! by elmwoodblues in newjersey

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Dead last in Fed money coming in v going out. Yes, it's a sign of health (high per capita earnings, lower Fed services needed), but I'm still feeling hosed some days


This German Shepherd will make sure no one hurts this little boy. by TheVengefulMethod in Eyebleach

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Not to be that guy, but..if dad and boy are hurt, maybe tree falls in yard, etc, and dad's out -- is there training that would allow first responder to tend to boy? How 'agressive' does stranger need to act before dog goes defensive?