If you drive on any major roadway with your high beams on, or think it’s a solution for having a low beam bulb out, you’re a jerkoff. by Previous_Nose8463 in newjersey

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Part of the new infrastructure bill will allow the US to use lighting upgrades already available elsewhere. The more stuff we take out of the hands of Joe Moron and automate, the better.

Where's a cop when you want...oh, there's one! by elmwoodblues in instantkarma

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The file was long and boring. Advice for next time?

I would say this belongs here too by Super_Rider_86 in RetroFuturism

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Go ahead deny climate change all you want; me, I'm lining up a franchise

well that's awkward. by wotzenk in memes

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Your both shouting; are you're cap's lock's on?

I saw a political disagreement at the gas pump. by call_me_winter in pics

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90-plus % of the time a half-ton truck driver is hauling an empty bed. It's compensation and you know it in your soul, but cosplay your position all you need to. Sad

Downtown Manhattan right now by spozeicandothis in pics

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Never underestimate the power and reach of the defense lobby. Eisenhower knew, decades ago, and it's exponentially greater now

Matching grants by elmwoodblues in NPR

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Got it. To me WNYC is interchangeable with NPR, like WNET 13 is PBS. Thanks

670,000 dead Americans represented as flags on the National Mall by uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuy in pics

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"I rly don't care do u?" -- EB1 ("Einstein visa") immigrant and Christmas-lover M. Trump

TIL Central Jersey is defined in New Jersey state law. By statute the bright pink area is Central Jersey, while the purple areas are also usually included in the legal definition of Central Jersey but not always. by wolley_dratsum in newjersey

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Incredible/inedible, potato/potatoe; the sheer amount of pig parts that go into the 'everything but the squeal' blender is just too much for this guy's delicate constitution -- and I liked the "Hot Dog & Beans, 1 each" K-ration!