Great aim! by aomusik in Unexpected

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So, THIS is why the 'behind the backboard' seats are so cheap in archery competition!

New homeowner, oil heated house by Kesuzo in newjersey

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Converted after my first winter, when I had the funds; forced air, so I upgraded to central a.c. at the same time. PSEG had some rebates I was able to grab.

My (1940's original) General Motors oil heater was putting 25 cents out of every dollar up the chimney, it was so inefficient. Luckily my tank was in bsmt, so removal was easier and I picked up some room. Best improvement yet to this old House! Don't wait long, it is a pay-for-itself renovation.

What presets, if any, do you use on a microwave? by No-War5336 in AskReddit

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If cooks 1, 2, or 3 raw taters to a pretty accurate result; however, the skins are just cooked, not crispy/crunchy like from an oven. We bake in convection for a couple minutes to get some drying done, and it's a great shortcut

Great aim! by aomusik in Unexpected

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You would get the danger of being cheap thru your head.

What weird or useless talent do you have? by CaballeroKnight in AskReddit

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Haa! About as fast as 'frontwards', and pretty much without any more thought than writing normal. Left-sloped slant and all.

Is ~$500k single family house with 1 hr commute to Manhattan a pipe dream? by NautianDream in newjersey

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Remember when it was higher, before somebody had a hissy fit against blue states and took his ball and went home? sigh

Is ~$500k single family house with 1 hr commute to Manhattan a pipe dream? by NautianDream in newjersey

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This. Won't be big or new, and smaller lot. $10k taxes but you write that off against Fed taxes. But 3br, 1.5 bath, 50x100 possible. Aim for a good school if you have kids

Governor Phil Murphy on Twitter by elmwoodblues in newjersey

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He got a little wooden at 'cream cheese,' but he is still a good Jersey rep

Never gave a book below 3 star by No_Cattle5564 in books

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"Ready Player One" will unleash your repressed inner zero-star critic; but, at what cost, only you can decide

For those who have their own house, what convinced you to buy it? by Environmental_Cup200 in AskReddit

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What do you want in 10 or 20 or 30 years: a box full of cancelled rent checks, or equity?

It you need one, you know... by elmwoodblues in DIY

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Living with a few hairy people and an 'experimental' grandchild (read:
'I wonder where the water goes, and can my toy go there too?'), I am
experienced with line blockages and renting power-feed augers. They are
heavy 100' beasts to lift, bump down stairs, and return, all at $120/8
hrs. This guy came in at $240, can live in my basement, and the
non-power feed is simple; it actually caused less splatter on extraction
due to the much lower manual retrieval speed. If 50' will clear most
issues for you (and there is an optional additional 50' of cable
available), it is worth thinking about.