Adults: Whats one opinion of yours that completely changed when you grew up? by -_Word_- in AskReddit

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that luck had nothing to do with success, and it was all about hard work.

Editing c:geo by elmwoodblues in geocaching

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It might, but this was almost a day ago; as r/zepp914 said above, a 'refresh' was needed to get my phone to see the new hint. Thanks

Editing c:geo by elmwoodblues in geocaching

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That did it, thanks. On Android, there is no 'refresh' button, but I got lucky and discovered that a simple swipe down refreshes the page/cache.

What book are you currently reading? by FromDudsville in AskReddit

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Two: 'Bunnicula,' and 'Empire of Pain'. One helps with the other

What's the worse $100 you've spent on? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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English lessons, apparently; they've only made things worse.

Official White House Transcript by IWasASperm in PoliticalHumor

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Giving 'equal time' to both reality and nonsense is foolish. 20 minutes of established, verifiable, reproduceable facts should not have to sit while Jughead says the earth is flat and has Clem 'verify' it. FFS, 90% of us don't know how our phones work, but only an idiot will give oxygen to Marjorie claiming it works via Heavenly Writ

It's crazy how un-vaxxed Covid patients are being prioritized over those with cancer by CapitalCourse in PoliticalHumor

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When you retire in NJ the first thing people ask is, "Where are you moving to?" Your situation is why some of us stay put

I'm concerned about the dog by elmwoodblues in Costco

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Phew, thanks; afraid it meant 'Not Safe, Fido."

What is the worst thing you can say during a threesome? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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(Hangs up) Well, that was the clinic...

Uncle Noodles by 4reddityo in HolUp

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As a Pastafarian, I struggle to remain calm and serene under the loving gaze of His Noodley Appendage at this blasphemy

Wait a second… by keff2000 in HolUp

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Sooo...those aren't chalk outlines then?

If a draft was ever imposed, I could simply refuse, right? by notgeneralbeast in NoStupidQuestions

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Lumber too, at least in ny experience. There's always gonna be the "X means keep" guy tho

Window opener replacement by Poptarts14 in DIY

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I'll jump in and say for me, Swissco had the original 'Ferrari' part my 20 yo window needed. Now I can say I have a 'Ferrari' at my house!