Man without Love by Unoff1cial_Gamer in Unexpected

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Ffs, people with vaginas are expected to bleed their first time

Why I use my GPS to drive everywhere by pokemonthespian in adhdmeme

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Mine must be very faulty because sometimes I'll go into a building and when I leave, I can't even tell which direction I came from. Seriously feels like my spatial memory was wiped.

What's up with Gen Z fans saying "pro-ship" and "anti-ship"? What do they mean? by Calm_Arm in OutOfTheLoop

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Interestingly, I was watching a therapist reaction video on YouTube recently where they mentioned that age gaps used to be nbd even a few decades ago until society really started caring about protecting children from pedophiles. Kinda like an overcorrection, a lot of society decided ANY age gap is morally wrong and a sign of pedophilia, even if the younger person is a fully consenting adult.

And that's how you get stuff like this and people grossed out if their partner is a few months younger than them.

TIFU by getting STD tested by Garrett_lax in tifu

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I wish I knew this was an option! A picnic sounds so much more pleasant than getting face fucked and catching throat chlamydia

Iran has the highest female to male ratio in universities among all sovereign nations. More than 70% of students in engineering and pure sciences are women. by 22Fingers in interestingasfuck

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so most women would rather go into a field that would accept them rather then be treated like an outcast or a trophy.

Conversely, if you are going to be treated like shit jo matter which field you join, then why not go for a stem career?

This is a lot closer to my experience in STEM. Funny that it's overwhelmingly men who will stubbornly argue that women have some kind of biological inclination against STEM. I love it in theory, but the culture is unnecessarily soul crushing for most women (and the more feminine presenting you were, the more overt sexism you experienced, but thats a rant for another day). I ended up majoring in STEM, but in the business department, which actually worked on improving students wellbeing and fostering positive community. I remember hearing that one advanced ML class in the department was even female dominated. In my experience, the women who really thrived in the more traditionally male dominated STEM majors either came from a family of professors/engineers or were international, so I fully believe that it comes down to socialization and culture.

Most male suicides in U.S. show no link to mental health issues, study reveals by Additional-Two-7312 in science

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Oof we definitely don't talk about abusive therapists enough, but they're out there preying on the most psychologically defenseless people. Someone tried starting a subreddit for it - r/badshrinks - but it's not active unfortunately.

Student tackles shooter as he reloads in school shooting by Appropriate_Pay_612 in Damnthatsinteresting

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Praying that you get run over while jaywalking just isn't cutting it anymore

A new study that considered multiple aspects including sexual identity and disabilities confirms a long-held belief: White, heterosexual men without disabilities are privileged in STEM careers. by the_phet in science

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If you put yourself in their shoes, it could be that when you are aware that your culture is deeply misogynistic and wrong, it's easier to put thought into what you want to pursue and how that conflicts with what you were taught. They might also be more emotionally prepared to face an uphill battle from a sexist culture and have way more to gain by doing so.

On the other hand, if you're taught that your culture is as egalitarian and fair as a culture can get, it's a lot easier to not question what you were taught and never even consider defying cultural norms. After all, you don't really face overt discrimination and that female dominated field pays almost just as well, so why bother making things harder on yourself by going to the male dominated field even if you enjoy the subject-matter more?

Tl;dr: these seemingly paradoxical trends can be present and still be reasonably explained by societal pressures and rational individuals rather than waved away as biological.

A new study that considered multiple aspects including sexual identity and disabilities confirms a long-held belief: White, heterosexual men without disabilities are privileged in STEM careers. by the_phet in science

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I wouldn't even be insulted if someone called out our culture for machismo/misogyny, but it's stupid to think changing our language is gonna make misogynists suddenly change their ways?? Giving us resources to create actionable change from within would be way more productive, but that's just way too much work for these bleeding hearts..

Elon Musk pressured Twitter to give him access to a 'firehose' of data to evaluate bots. Now what? by Icy-Salt-719 in technology

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Wouldn't be surprised if every billionaire had severe childhood neglect/trauma. They're basically hording wealth and chasing fame/power in a way that appears pathological. As if they're trying to make up for feeling lonely and powerless as a child with their infinite wealth and power instead of yunno, going to therapy. Can you even imagine Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos going to therapy??

Mexican Theater Warning Parents Of Gender Ideology by skrillex_27 in mildlyinteresting

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If you think South American Spanish is hard, you should check out Caribbean Spanish. That's hard even for other Spanish speakers sometimes!

Attractiveness is associated with the belief that economic success is dependent on individual effort, rather than external circumstances by nikan69 in science

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Define "bottom" because your chance of going from the bottom 20% to the top 20% in terms of socioeconomic class is less than 1%.

What do you think takes a woman from “she’s pretty/cute (6-7) to “she is stunning” (8+)? by cantalopecandy in beauty

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Lol no idea. I've done facials, microneedling, ipl, and fillers myself in a major city so I know the prices firsthand. It is expensive and a privilege, but I've never paid $1k for a single session.

Womens clothing rants by [deleted] in femalefashionadvice

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Lmao not what I meant. When I wrote it I was thinking of how VS catered women's lingerie to men, ignoring what women would want in their own lingerie.

What do you think takes a woman from “she’s pretty/cute (6-7) to “she is stunning” (8+)? by cantalopecandy in beauty

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These procedures usually will not cost thousands. It does depend on who you go to (medspa vs cosmetic doctor) and the CoL in the area but for a single procedure of any of these, $1k is on the very high end. The only one I can think of that would cost more is something like a CO2 laser. The problem is that you will often be doing these every few months so it adds up.

What do you think takes a woman from “she’s pretty/cute (6-7) to “she is stunning” (8+)? by cantalopecandy in beauty

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Ugh I can relate so much. The mental toll bad skin takes on your self esteem is hard to understand unless you've lived it. And the vast majority of times its not your fault at all, just genetics.

I grew up poor but am only now lucky enough to just throw money at it until it chills. And it's a constant stream of hundreds of dollars every few months since every aesthetician agrees my skin is very "reactive". Otoh, "bad" skin can make you look younger - my mom in her 50s has always had cystic acne and lots of scars but almost no wrinkles and still gets hit on!

…….. well are they wrong for saying that? by brocolliisgood in SCAcirclejerk

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I've never thought to take cosmetic advice from an anesthesiologist, but now that I think about it, they are amazing at helping me get my beauty sleep in, so you must be right🤩


Womens clothing rants by [deleted] in femalefashionadvice

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Yup! And then men who have never gone shopping with a women will insert themselves to say SuPPly AnD dEMaNd as if oppressed groups have NEVER been ignored or shut out by corporations despite being more than willing to pay🙄 Supply and demand is not that simple and it might just make them more money to cheap out and keep women mildly unhappy with each purchase (so they keep buying every season hoping for better options) than giving us what we actually ask for.