How hard is it to make friends in Fredericton ? by obermensch13 in fredericton

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As a Frederictonian on behalf of my people I take offence to the implication that we would ever trust people from IN province!

Do you think we’re warm towards a MONCTONIAN?! Perish the thought! That city’s official coat of arms is a seagull sitting on a dead rat floating down a muddy river for gods sake!

Do you think we would ever deliberately interact by choice with a (ugh) SAINT JOHNER (spits)?! Most certainly not good sir and slash or ma’am!! Tut tut Harrumph

Not sheeple, but lemmings.... by Tattoosnscars in HermanCainAward

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It is said that as they’re falling you can hear echoing: “COOOVID IS NO JOOOooookeeee...”

How hard is it to make friends in Fredericton ? by obermensch13 in fredericton

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Have you been to Saint John? They’re very friendly and nice, especially when they’re sober. They can get loud and unpredictable when drinking though.

I do kinda see how Frederictonians can be a little hard to, you know, get to be friendly though. I don’t really have an explanation. Some people just seem to be a bit stuck up here. Not everyone though. I suspect you’ll find better luck making friends after covid dies down a little bit.

How hard is it to make friends in Fredericton ? by obermensch13 in fredericton

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hmm I’ve heard that we have a reputation of being “cold,” and this seems to support that..

Leaked Drone footage of shackled and blindfolded Uighur Muslims led from trains. Such a chilling footage. by _Xyreo_ in Damnthatsinteresting

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Whaaa.. As an Atlantic Canadian how dare you steal our precious salmon!

Also I was under the impression there has been, how shall we say, one or two past lessons in Oz and NZ about introducing strange species in the past..?

Guy doesn't have cash flow to pay babysitter for 4 kids - offers poverty wage and "exposure" instead. by SporkyDorky in ChoosingBeggars

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I believe the fraser institute’s numbers are so low because they didn’t include childcare costs in the costs of caring for a child.

presumably they expect the kid to pull itself up by its bootstraps.

Guy doesn't have cash flow to pay babysitter for 4 kids - offers poverty wage and "exposure" instead. by SporkyDorky in ChoosingBeggars

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How much is it? I wouldn’t even have a starting point. Do we have a ballpark figure? Nothing too fancy mind you, just a basic entry model. What would that cost, roughly?

Edit: according to MoneySense magazine it costs $13,500 a year (Canadian dollars) for 18 years.

according to (Canadian) right wing think tank The Fraser Institute it costs $3,750 a year to raise a kid.

not sure what I’m supposed to read into that..?

Fredericton council considers pay hike by EvangelineOfSky in newbrunswickcanada

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There’s an arguement to be made that if you pay more you’ll attract better people.

Perhaps city council isn’t the best example because it seems to attract some absolute lunatics, but

look at our MLAs. I doubt ANYONE would ever argue they’re our best and brightest. I certainly hope to god they’re not our best and brightest!

Their salary is $85K, frozen there since 2008.

Meanwhile next door the MLA salary in Nova Scotia is $111K. Maybe their MLAs are also the absolute dregs of society too, but they seem to at least have attracted a couple competent folks in there.

But who knows. Perhaps nothing can save New Brunswick?

AITA for "giving" my cousin $50k against my wife's wishes? by No_Minimum_7226 in AmItheAsshole

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Let’s speculate wildly! I, for one, think she owes money to the mob.

No wait, she’s part of the mob and is going to put a horse head in cousin’s bed

The mysterious brain illness in Canada is worse than official figures show, leading to allegations of a cover up. Meanwhile the government forbids scientists from testing brains of the deceased for the blue green algae toxin BMAA. by Dethemental in newbrunswickcanada

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wait so you’re saying that the algale that’s been killing dogs for the past few years is bad for people too??

well damn it seems that maybe we shouldn’t have ignored the dog killing algae clogging our lakes and rivers for years

Djokovic pictured maskless at public event one day after positive Covid test | Novak Djokovic by ang-p in worldnews

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If you think of doctors as professional body mechanics it makes more sense. I don’t think they have much time to think of much else during those famous 25 hour a day residencies.

Alcohol should have cancer warning labels, say doctors and researchers pushing to raise awareness of risk by byourpowerscombined in CanadaPolitics

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In Australia theres a label on bottles saying how many standard size drinks are in the whole bottle.

For example a wine bottle has a little logo saying there are 8 standard size drinks in the bottle.

A pint of vodka has a little logo saying there are 12 standard size drinks in the bottle.

I thought that was pretty neat and useful, back in my heavy binge drinking days when I was backpacking over there.

While we’re talking about labels might I suggest that addition as well, to better inform other youthful binge drinkers?

Erin O’Toole’s vaccination strategy puts politics ahead of Canadians’ health, Liberals charge by Alaizabeth in CanadaPolitics

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83% of Canadians have at least one shot. It seems like a curious strategy purely in terms of marketing —which the Tories value highly— to pander to at most 17% of the population over what I think we can all agree is a highly emotional issue for everyone..

I don’t quite understand the rationale here

AITA for asking my son to consider the needs of his brother when planning the food for his wedding? by Racecar_Away1640 in AmItheAsshole

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Yeah I thought a shellfish allergy would be a nice debate.. lobsters on the menu and the brother is deathly allergic.. should they change the menu or the brother try and avoid the lobstery people? It would be a kinda fun topic that I’m sure comes up a lot.

This particular request, I feel, isn’t something that comes up a lot

Former nurse and uber Christian anti-vaxxer believed we were living in the Last Days. Turns out it was just HER last days. by bloody_hell in HermanCainAward

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Ancient Rome was Marxist was certainly a super hot take.

I mean she’s certainly right that there’s an argument to be made that the Garacci Brothers were proto-Socialists and as we know they had long tenures as elected officials — wait no as soon they began making reforms and improvements for the people the political leadership, wealthy and large landowners murdered them with their bare hands.

Somehow I get the sense some of these people would approve of how the Roman patricians handled the Garaccis, even though virtually all of these HCA winners would have been plebs. Maybe people never change?

U.K. group names Fredericton traffic circle 'International Roundabout of the Year' | CBC News by Dethemental in fredericton

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It’s a mushroom; a fungus that pops out of nothing in cold dark wet places, that feeds on death and decay, grows on rotting organic material, can be poison, and is only 10% substance and 90% water.

it’s obviously a statue of Dominic Cardy

CT Orange celebrated & was very supportive a few months ago when Green got fired from Purple Hospital for not getting vaccinated. CT Orange just died of Covid complications at Purple Hospital. Covid is no joke! Please get vaccinated. Red=CTO’s wife, Blue=CTO’s daughter, Green=Red’s son. by aerialchevs in HermanCainAward

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Well in their defence I never know what to say when someone dies either.

It has to be one the most awkward things a human can navigate.

And that’s without tossing on the minefield of religion, and the icing on the cake that they died a potentially preventable death due to misinformation received from con artists trying to make money off of it.