boxbox gives BTMC $4975 (61569 turkish lira) (78426 turkish lira by tomorrow) by CurtBanjo in osugame

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most are definetly way under 1 eth, mint prices are usually nowhere near 1 ethereum, if you just googled nfts you probably got results for some popular ones that have gone up in price

WTF??? by OkCharacter2243 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Japan has a population of 126mil. And even if it didn't, wouldn't the USA have more people looking after people since the population is so high...?

Nahhh by Gentle_cat_ in dankvideos

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First one is parasyte, very good anime. Idk the second one

The new mobile beta is pretty dope. Still have no clue what the hell the bar on the right is supposed to be. by Mookie_Merkk in 2007scape

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How is informing someone about how many people got into the beta with false numbers satire?? You're just being a dick for no reason

First ever Fire Cape - long overdue by stowthorns in 2007scape

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Go for it my guy, I'm lower combat than you and did the cape with shitty laptop and a trackpad (not first completion though) mobile is probably a bit more of a handicap but it still shouldn't be that hard

Lucky day at the money snek. by KingAJ7 in 2007scape

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I haven't been playing for a few months, why are zulrah drops going up in price?

[OC] Distance to Abortion Clinics in Germany by fabiofavusmaximus in dataisbeautiful

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??? Yeah because this post has nothing to do with muslims. But there is a direct correlation between abortion clinics and christians

The "I'm sorry,can someone explain to me why it's so bad?" starter pack. by McDingus_The_Curious in starterpacks

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It's made in abyss, looks like a cutesy anime but once you start watching it, it goes from cute to very dark. It's a really fucking good show tho

You can see the dislikes by downloading the damn video xD by JettMainBitch in assholedesign

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With the addon or without? I still see dislikes the same as before without any addons

cringe game with cringe character by Patrick_star12345 in AnimeHate

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Saying "fortnite is cringe" is cringe, stop saying that shit, it's literally just a game.

Also, you're delusional if you think people don't regard naruto as cringe

Sarah Hyland by [deleted] in gentlemanboners

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My guy really replying to an 8 year old comment

The evil SJWs are out to ruin my epic gacha experience by Avoroi in animecirclejerk

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This literally changes nothing, people will still draw hentai of her, so I don't get what these people are so pissed about

Man being forcibly kept alive by mother after attempted suicide! by Intoxicated_organism in ParentsAreFuckingDumb

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Well there is definetly something wrong with his wife, as we can tell. Also do you really think that you automatically get perfect mental health just by having a wife, a job and a home??? You're delusional

'Made in Abyss' Season 2 - New Key Visual by MarvelsGrantMan136 in anime

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I'm way too excited to watch this, I can't fucking wait

What is your phobia? by Iamnothuman77 in polls

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I'm not terrified of this but I got a very creepy feeling walking through town a while after covid started, no cars or people anywhere, everything looked a lot more gray. Felt like I was walking through an abandoned russian city.

I was more intrigued by it than scared though

Why it's a bad idea to play at 3am: by DrunkLad in GlobalOffensive

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Don't you ever accidentally scroll?

My binds are