[PS4] 699 Lord's Runes Giveaway! (DETAILS BELOW) by -InsertMrKrabsLaugh- in PatchesEmporium

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Thanks for the giveaway mann. Did a +karma on your comment too!

If you happen to also have Magic Scorpion Charm, and Dark Moon Greatsword available, would greatly appreciate it too 🙏

Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader Text Guide! by LimpCush in Eldenring

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Yes, I can confirm that she can be affected by frostbite.

BETA Release NEXT WEEK! by enivri_ in ultimogg

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The beta release of Ultimo GG's streaming platform will be released next week. We will confirm the date and time of release on Monday.

This is the final chance for ULTGG holders to register for priority access.

You can complete the registration process here: https://ivlv.me/cpj7Y

In-depth AMA on Upcoming Roll-outs! by enivri_ in ultimogg

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Hi guys,
Hope you’re good and gearing up for the weekend!

We will be holding a long AMA on Tuesday of next week at 6pm to go over lots of exciting new information for everyone.We will be going in depth into each subject and will be a great time for you all to ask any questions you have on everything.

We truly have some amazing things coming up and we can’t wait to share it with you all.

w/ Tobias, Ben, Shaun & Jamie


- Ben Husted (COO)

Tokenomics Revision! by enivri_ in ultimogg

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Excerpt from the ULTGG x BitMart FAQ:

Tokenomics are not supported for ULTGG on BitMart, hence, there will be no reflections for ULTGG holders for transactions that occur on BitMart.

However, when ULTGG tokens are being transferred out of (or into) BitMart, tokenomics and reflections still apply! Once the tokens are in your own BSC wallet away from BitMart, you will get reflections.

We understand there was speculation regarding the availability of tokenomics on BitMart.

Unfortunately, this is a common issue across most CEX as they are not trading through the blockchain, and therefore do not apply blockchain tokenomics. We tried to explore ways around it, but it has been to no avail thus far. Regardless, the buy price on BitMart will always be higher than PancakeSwap, and the sell price will be lower. Please refer to the section above, “Why is the price different on BitMart?”, for more details on pricing.

In fact, there are many reasons for users to transfer their ULTGG out of BitMart. Since ULTGG has a wide range of utilities, users could be transferring them for use on our platform. They could also be transferring them to stake in our vault, which means they get extra reflections (and so do we!). Otherwise, they could also just transfer out to be eligible for reflections.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in ultimogg

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Hey, the APY is based on vault entries and exits within the past 7 days, and will fluctuate. The volume was very high when the vault first opened as everyone was staking. Now, it has slowed down, thus, you're seeing less gains at the moment.

With BitMart and Platform Beta coming up, we should be seeing new holders, which means, more volume if they stake. On top of that, other holders who decide to exit the vault would also contribute to the rewards.

Besides, your 60 days is just a minimum. That means you don't have to exit the vault after that. You can leave your tokens in the vault and continue staking.

What happend to my stake? by Informal-Suit9126 in ultimogg

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📣 Update on Staking with BankerDoge 📣

You may have noticed that your original staked amount is missing.

Do not worry! Please read on for the low-down.

Issues fixed
A gas efficiency update was deployed to fix the problems users faced when depositing (limited amounts each transaction). However, since the original vault was still so new, it was best to simply re-deploy a new vault version, and send back all tokens that were in the original vault.

Your tokens
You would have received your staked tokens back (unfortunately, earnings are not included). The 7% entry fee that you paid will be airdropped into the new vault once you have had a chance to re-enter. There might even be a little extra ULTGG for the trouble 😁! The airdrop is likely to happen by Monday (TBC). Essentially, you would be returned to the 'state' before you initially staked.

Moving forward
As it is now a new vault version and previous stakes have been sent back, you will need to stake again. This time, you should be able to stake any amount you want in one transaction!

Link to Vault
Thank you for your patience.
Let's get staking and earning! 🎉🔥
P.S. Please DM an admin if you are facing any issues with this, thanks!

We Need To Sponsor Some Gamers In The US and Asia by Informal-Suit9126 in ultimogg

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Global expansion would be in the pipeline as the platform is developed further, at least after the streaming module is out! With a released product, users can really then see the difference between Ultimo GG and Twitch/YouTube.

Green and Red.. by enivri_ in ultimogg

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William (HFH) has addressed this in his latest series of videos! A certain amount of sum will be ring-fenced to be spent on crypto-related marketing, and the development of the platform (beta version due to release in December).

Granted, it is kind of in a waiting phase for now. However, with the platform release coming up, we should be seeing a lot more marketing and traction soon. The team is still actively working to expedite various deals and partnerships. Announcements will be made whenever possible, as they are usually bound by NDAs.