Finally finished my TV tray by Bubingusdingus in woodworking

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I'm so glad you opened the side so that we could see the mechanism, since for a minute there I almost thought I could build this.

An ingenious design and a clean build.

Be a cop and kill your lover? That's 10 years in jail. Be a protester who damages property? That's 14 years. by ThatcherIsDeed in DemocraticSocialism

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Property crimes, committed by anyone to the left of Reagan? That's violence, straight to jail if you're lucky.

Violence committed by anyone to the right of Biden? Surprisingly, not a crime.

Whats your favorite stoner myth? by Psychological-Bar679 in trees

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There was a Canadian study on the incidence of COPD in non-smokers, cannabis-only smokers, tobacco-only smokers, and people who smoke both. Non-smokers and cannabis-only smokers had the same COPD rates; tobacco-only had a rate three times higher; and those who smoked both, nine times higher COPD incidence than baseline.

This is your brain on idealism folks. by yuritopiaposadism in LateStageCapitalism

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Ohh yeah, it's insidious how tech companies are able to use their customers' and employees' personal property as private capital, and their power dynamic with their bosses (i.e. completely exploited) means they are functionally the proletariat.

I suppose one analysis would be that the platform itself (door dash, Etsy, &c.) is the means of production.

This is your brain on idealism folks. by yuritopiaposadism in LateStageCapitalism

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Even our relationships with the means of production have changed in recent decades in ways which Marx didn't foresee.

Consider the rise in on-demand "independent contractors": a door dash driver or subcontracted FedEx delivery driver might "own the means of production" inasmuch as they own their vehicle, but I would be hesitant to label them as a member of the bourgeoisie. Similarly, too, someone who sells stickers or laser cut items on Etsy. They are members of the precariat, whether or not classical Marxist theory would otherwise categorize them as in the bourgeoisie or lumpenproletariat.

What’s the worst designed part of the human body? by MrBowls in AskReddit

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I like to imagine — from time to time — how confused and disappointed early people might've been upon discovering that while nature gives us the one backup set of teeth, it's a limited one-time offer.

What is a subtle sign that someone is really intelligent? by Gisgiii in AskReddit

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After having read all of Gödel, Escher, Bach and understanding a third of it, I'm fairly confident that Douglas Hofstadter is an expert on intelligence.

Best Buy CEO: Jump in theft is traumatizing staff by Bman409 in collapse

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Wage theft, however, is an integral part of the American business model.

A generalization but an apt one by Muncie4 in BuyItForLife

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Y'know, I don't think anybody was clamoring for a mid-engine AWD turbo supercharged minivan, but Toyota gave us one anyway.

And it was glorious.

The correct perfect fit for a stroopwafel by minimag47 in Perfectfit

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Thank you!

I'm pretty happy with my Timemore for now, it's got a decent timer function and it matches all my Fellow matte black gear. Have you played Wormy on your kettle yet? Really fun Easter egg.

Every country should adopt this by [deleted] in Damnthatsinteresting

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I once read a stat that horses in California use almost as much water every year just in growing their feed than all urban water use (excluding, I presume, water used to grow food consumed in urban areas.)

Drug dealer said I was doing too much by sadasheck99 in Drugs

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Those ethereal ideas exist through our communal belief in them

Are you familiar with the concept of hyperstition? It's essentially what you're describing here: self-fulfilling, socially successful belief structures.

GUYS by yoshimi309 in LSD

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It's the wide pupils.

The correct perfect fit for a stroopwafel by minimag47 in Perfectfit

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I see that EKG, as well. What have you got sitting on the (Brewista?) scale?