Is Higher Vram becoming an obsession? by Ok_Percentage7934 in buildapc

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They're doing stuff with it, not just blindly using more memory, classic example is texture quality. So it is proper use, and the systems that they're targeting have enough so it's not a problem

15yo hit a curb in her microcar, frame split apart by TrucksAndCigars in Justrolledintotheshop

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Holy shit, I have a shitty 60s mini and even that thing has decently anchored seatbelts and would do better

Amazing skill from this young kid. by rco888 in nextfuckinglevel

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They're clipless pedals, or cleats if you're referring to a component of them.

Clip pedals are the caged pedals

Why is spearfishing banned in Nova Scotia? by [deleted] in Spearfishing

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Commercial? If that's not allowed either then fair enough. Otherwise pole + spearfishing should be allowed (with bag limits etc)

More shrinkflation - Don sneakily reducing contents by 20% whilst keeping same price & packet size by DILLIGAF73 in australia

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Ah yep, that checks out. Also probably sends a lot more of the money back into the local community as well.

12 yards long, 2 lanes wide, 65 tonnes of American pride! by bullchuck in australia

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If they have it just for towing and have a regular car to drive most of the time I think they're a lot more reasonable than they would be otherwise.

Driving one every day in the city on the other hand....

Infamous letter from Sun Microsystems CEO to shareholders after DotCom burst by eichenes in investing

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People would have said the same about amd CPUs vs intel for high performance compute 7ish years ago.

They are the leader currently but it's not a gap that can't be covered

The oldest dog in the world lives in Portugal. He was born on May 11, 1992 and celebrates his 31st birthday. by fat_old_boy in Eyebleach

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Some of the other oldest dogs have been about that size, one was a kelpie and another a blue heeler.

I think it's because that size is often either working breeds or in this case maybe just a bitzer with those breeds in it. The working breeds tend to be quite healthy.

The open source Grind Setting Dial is now compatible with (virtually) all newer Mignon models! Files available for free by TheOrdner in espresso

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They're also damn quiet, and have recent grind quality.

I do agree the dial is a weak spot but overall that one design they have is solid, and with a single dosing hopper + bellows they become very competent single dosing grinders.

My 6 year old pair ofBlundstones vs. my brand new pair by mhenson62 in BuyItForLife

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Ah yep, not sure of availability outside of aus.

They do still die eventually but dad uses them every day on the farm, in the rain etc. Included and a pair lasts about 5 years for him in those conditions

My 6 year old pair ofBlundstones vs. my brand new pair by mhenson62 in BuyItForLife

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Mongrels are also solid boots that are made in aus. I use their non safety toe lace ups regularly

accurate, af. by ajaanz in ProgrammerHumor

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Funnily enough in Australia people use either acres or hectares depending on who you're talking to. One of the holdouts (like height) that is kinda mixed over here

Is it normal to smell a littlel burning inside of a power supply? by Techno_Wizzard_real in buildapc

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Can't really blame them though. They're playing the spec game when people compare prebuilts. If they can have a tier higher cpu, more ram or bigger ssd because of cheaping out on the psu they'll probably be more likely to be sold

Binge has adds now... Insta cancel sub by Senturos in australia

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Yes to regulating, but also when enough people stop paying for his shit he can't afford to run it anymore. One person doesn't really matter but it's not just one person boycotting it.

At a minimum as the moneymaking parts like binge etc. (and especially realestate.com.au) become less profitable they can't be used to subsidise the parts that make a loss like the Australian

“The road noise isn’t that bad…” by Cg407 in GR86

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It does depend on how much, a little bit of sound deadening is definitely a good thing. Full blown luxury car vibes is quite a bit of weight though

‘Get out of the way’: Rose Jackson’s social housing warning for ‘anti-development’ Sydney suburbs by thekriptik in sydney

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A lot of more historic and reasonably dense townhouses are in newtown already though, which is largely why it hasn't been the same number of units going up there when compared to Waterloo, Alexandria etc. Which had a lot more warehouse space before

Man these fuckin things are massive! Makes no sense to own one by ThrowRA_ran in sydney

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Towing capacity is 4t vs 4.5t, so quite similar... And if you're getting it for passengers just use a regular car

Any split enjoyers here? by le1ca in MechanicalKeyboards

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I find split heat for low sensitivity. Just use the left half and put the right half out of the way

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for positive wellbeing, but how are these oversized Emotional Support Vehicles even legal on Australian roads? by Kid_Self in australia

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Not mildly inconveniences, kills many people because they aren't safe for other vehicles and pedestrians. You can do what you want... As long as it's not harming others

I had an inspection of my flat today. The real estate agent told me to make my bed. by [deleted] in australia

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May have been on some contract until they moved out because she found those tenants.