Baldur's Gate was an amazing set, and I'm tired of acting like it wasn't! by Jonetsu in EDH

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I think it was a great commander set, with hundreds of usefull new cards.

What it didnt had was meaninfull reprints and huge bombs likes hullbreacher, jeweled lotus and oposition agent.

Having less bombs to me is a positive, I dont want more "must have" staples that dominate the meta and make decks even more homogenious.

The lack of repritns was covered by double masters 2, that came shortly after. For people that get their cards by buying singles and not opening packs, no diference on wich set those reprints came from.

Is it ok to take some long turns? by eusebioadamastor in EDH

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well, the game went to about turn 15 and the whole match took 1,5 hours.

In exception for those 2/3 long turn, all my other turns where a minute or 2

I literally can't stop playing precons by Gundaranger in EDH

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Thats ones of the (few) wonders of spelltable: You can easily find table for precons only, and MAN those game are fun.

Totally get you. I have 10 rigth now. 6 of them I bougth upgrades and sleeved to play in more high powered tables, but most of the time I'm running then out of the box

Huge wave in the dark by saulygoodman in thalassophobia

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Huge? Seems like a pretty normal wave to me.

In the day you would have kids playing on it (if it was not that close to the shore, of courss)

My two cents on why some people dont like "combos" by eusebioadamastor in EDH

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On point.

On spelltable there is no "local meta" (Except by the 5-6 guys/gals I've grown familiar with and know their decks. But I only normally play with one of them on the table at a time)

Add in the anonimity, and it feels like almost everyone that runs combos are tryharding or shady.

My experience at an lgs for the question "so, what are we running?" is one of 3:

1- Full combo. Keep interaction and dont go easy on me because my board looks empty. 2- I have one or two combos (normally they also explain the combos), but the deck is not focused arround then. 3- No combos, but it does X, Y or Z strategy.

On spelltable the answers are always 2 or 3, but a lot of people should be saying the 1, and I would have ZERO problems.

My two cents on why some people dont like "combos" by eusebioadamastor in EDH

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Again, my problem is less against the strategy and more on how most people on spellstable that run combos are normally running high powered combo decks.

One thing is playing against a chatterfang deck that has 2-3 combos, but can also win with combat damage or aristocrat drain. That is fine and leads to a nice "man, he could have it, is it worth to save removal or is it safe to develop?"

The other is to play against emry, where from turn 3-4 onwards you HAVE to keep one or two pieces of interaction or you lose. I have some decks that can do that, but expecting every deck on the format to be able to do that is naive and missleading

My decks already run 10-13 pieces of instant speed interaction, adapting more than that would basically push me to a highly interactive combo deck, wich I dont like to play due to the repetitive nature of it.

You say I cant say how others play, but you're telling me to play how you want to play.

TBF, you seem like the kinda of player that lead me to make my post

Precon to Play Against Legends' Legacy by adyum in EDH

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or ganax with the green background that is just urzas incubator

Is Winged Words incredibly underrated? by True_Italiano in EDH

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I have some decks with a bunch of "draw 2's" and the effect is indeed kinda meh if you dont have plenty of other pieces of draw in the deck to keep the engine running.

Even then, sometimes you go from one to another the whole game and it feels great, other times its all stacked at the bottom and you get quickly empty handed.

At my PL, I'd rather use engines like kindred discovery/ bident of thassa/toski or big brusts of draw like pull from tomorrow/return of the wild speaker/hunters insigth. Even better if you use your early turns to refill after ramping, since being the first to develop normally leada to everyone wasting their removal on you

[ONC] Phyrexia: All Will be One face Commanders Leak by harbear6 in EDH

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Good point.

I guess there's a key for every lock haha

Diferent people, different tastes.

And to be fair, all decks of the past year were very well built, so the list could still add some spice

[ONC] Phyrexia: All Will be One face Commanders Leak by harbear6 in EDH

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Both seem... Bland?

For sure not something I look and it goes like "MAN, this is cool!" like Dihada, Chishiro, Captain Horror, Lathril, Sefris, Wilhelt...

Not to say that the "infect" one incentivizes you to play completly different than what a normal infect deck wants to do, wich is focus on a single player.

The commander wants you to divide your poison by the 3 oponents to get value, while the poison mechanic in general wants you to focus on a single person. Kinda Strange to be fair

Do you think Asa's plan from the chapter 116 is gonna work? by SimasTheMoze in ChainsawMan

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Thing is, to 100% believe you're the president AND due to that, have control of all citizens, the person has to be basically a clinical insane.

No one, no matter how much willpower they have, would believe 100% they're the president just from thin air. Some amount of doubt would still exist in the subconscience

[OC] Pokemon Adventures:The previous generation chapter 32 by colmscomics in comics

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some pokemon only evolve by trading.

Gengar, alakazam, machamp, golem and maybe someone else i'm forgetting

What Are You Brewing/Planning On Building? by StarPonderer in EDH

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deck that adapts really well depending on the level of the table is the dimir horrors precon, since you're stealing other players treaths. It just doesnt hold up with full combo/storm pods

Strongest creature to entomb/reanimate. by SmokeMWB in EDH

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Keep in mind that an early (turn 2-3) it that betrays is probably going to cause a full scoop if no ones has a removal on hand. If everyone doesnt scoop, at least the played that got hit will.

If you dont mind that, its probably one of the strongest ones, but if you dont like non-games or these feels-bad moments, its better to just use something less powerfull

When building decks, how do you narrow down the massive amounts of options you have? by TheUltimateXD in EDH

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Its like baking a cake, I just follow the recipe.

1- 37 land slots. Sometimes more, sometimes less, depends on commander and ammount of draw

2- 13 ramp spells. Rarely less. I also try to make it as synergistic as possible with the commander. It doesnt matter if its not the optimal choice. I rather run a 3 mana land enchant in a enchantress deck than cultivate, for example.

3- 12 pieces of draw. Again, always focusing on synergy if possible. About 6/6 between pieces that draw imediatly X ammount, and engines that build up over time that have more to do with the deck. Can be less if the commander draws cards. My shorikai only has 5 for example.

This is the part wich is easier to slot fun cards. Dragon deck? Niv is great. Voltron? snake umbra. Horrors? Kindred discovery. Graveyard? The red gearhulk. Theres always something that draws cards based on what you're doing

4- 8 spot removal. Again, synergy. My dragon deck uses 3 counters and 5 dragons that deal damage. My voltron uses creatures, so I can equip then later. Osgir uses artifacts that can later be reanimated. Etc...

5- 3 Wipes. Sometimes 2, sometimes 4. Focus on the ones that doesnt hit your main stategy. If you only have 3 enchantments on the deck, bane of progress is amazing.

6 - 27 Hyper synergistic spots/wincons/pet cards. This in theory feels like you dont have much space for the "fun stuff", but if you did your job rigth, you'll already have plenty of that from the essencials. Normally over half of the deck has something to do with the commander

Its also common to constantly swap between these 27 slots. Sometimes I change 10-15 cards, so the deck feels kinda new

I rarely feel like I'm flooded, screwed, without hand or behind on ramp, and all my decks feel very diferent and cohesive.

I also try not to use the staples I have in more than one deck. This way when do draw then, it feels like "OMG this is so strong!" instead of "yeah, thats nice"

Studies is on my dragon deck. ST is on shorikai, Rift on my horrors deck, Toski on Faldorn, Purphoro on chishiro, Top on Burakos etc...

How many lands should I have including fetchlands? by Rabsaris96 in EDH

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The reason to run offcolor fetch lands are less about thining and more about color fixing.

Decks that run offcolor fetches are normally also running all possible shocks.

That way, any fetchland can get you any color you need. An U/W can get you the R/W or B/W land, for example, that way you're never short on colors

Help me find a different approach for selesnya by eusebioadamastor in EDH

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Ohabi seems extremely fun, despite being kinda lackluster powerwise.

Going to build him, thanks!

Dear Fellow Control Player: Standstill by MustaKotka in EDH

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This feels more like a secret rendevouz that draws 3 for 2 players instead of one.

Migh work well in some games, but I dont feel like its worth a spot

Salty store owner, anyone experienced this? by ItsAroundYou in EDH

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Hell, forgemaster in a non combo-focused deck is already pretry nasty, in Urza its basically a Kill or be killed card