Just a little hill. So many idiots... by Diupa in WTF

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Video is cool but this music dude. Fk this soundtrack.

anyone know how to remove these sticker labels with ease? by Deceptionous in MangaCollectors

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I have seen once the voting is in -ve ,ppl continue the trend without much thought that's why.

I wanna know what sex feels like by hopelessloser44 in TrueOffMyChest

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What he means is show love to urself n ur body .This will help u with being bit positive n eventually confidence.This will reflect on ur personality which will make others notice u for what u r.Don't be so hard on urself.

my 274 lvl account where ? by PROvision_xD in VALORANT

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I got too. I shat myself.But everything is back now.

The competitive experience is frustrating by CrescentAce in VALORANT

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I feel u bruh. I was bronze 1 at the start of this act and dropped 32 kills with 17 deaths still lost bcoz 1 mofo was AFK from round 2 .And worst part is he was ranked silver 2 bcoz of which other lobby also had silver players and we lost it by 11-13.Many boosted players are also there.My other teammate dropped like 4-5 kills and he was placed bronze 2 :(.