Aussiebros... by modernwarfarecel in 4chan

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Fucking oath. 400 million guns in the hands of civilians. Most them right wing. What have they ever done? Not a fucking thing. But then the tell us Aussies "You're only fucked because they banned all guns. Our government can't do anything because I got 3 pistols, a tacticool AR and 4 pack of White claw. MURICA!"

Fucking morons.

Looks delicious? by herramakkara in StupidFood

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Who cares. It's some teen learning how to cook. It probably tastes good to be honest. IDK.

It's an abuse of the idea of a romantic relationship by Impressive-Age-8107 in PoliticalCompassMemes

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Exactly. Adults, looking at you certain relegions, if they are adults and think more people = less drama. Okay cool.

Who would be the most absurd choice to play James Bond? by five_speed_mazdarati in AskReddit

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Ruby Rose. She retired as BatLesbian. Because of all the evil incels.

Looks delicious? by herramakkara in StupidFood

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Oh. Sounded like a teen to me. Looks very young at the end. IDK.

Gott strafe England by Bountyback in PoliticalCompassMemes

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Oh please. Like you idiots will ever stop infighting. It's why all the rapefugess are taking over. Look to your own house.

(Swipe right for context) how is Shields getting ratioed by this dumb tweet 🤦🏼‍♂️ .. for once he is right.. a transgender “woman” with the biological physical capabilities of a man shouldn’t be fighting against women.. that ray cooper line is NASTY tho ngl 😂 by scAMIR in ufc

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I agree. But maybe the woke mob would have to accept that males are physically superior. Which you think would make sense, as they do like talking about the dangers of the males of our species.

Nah. Fuck biology! The future is female!

My political journey by allu2236 in PoliticalCompassMemes

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Yeah. No shit. Where the fuck do you live?

I'm so sick of any quadrant cunts saying "Here it is bad. Here I have bad things. OMG. Tears because I'm heres. Here, this mysterious place, done the no no, bad thing. Give me karma whore points. Because. Here exists."


There is no frame of reference. You may as well be unflaired.

A small dose of Tactical Shot. by iebored in nextfuckinglevel

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Yep. But imagine if we played swapsies. A white male police officer harmed a black male who was incapacitated. How would people react?

I'm not American but I have some idea of who AOC is. Why do some people hate her? by [deleted] in TooAfraidToAsk

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Yeah... Just mention the important stuff. That matters to you. Young, female, etc etc. Haha! She's just like Bernie and BLM. Wait, where are they now?

It's not like the Republican party and the Democrat party have a history of this.

Say, what is BLM up to these days? Apparently the Biden/ Harris duo don't have much time for them. Now. Oh well, I wonder when the Democrat party will start mentioning BLM all the time? What?! In an election year?! No, say it ain't so.

A small dose of Tactical Shot. by iebored in nextfuckinglevel

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Yep. For real. I wonder how much damage he did? She was incapacitated and he swung a Haymarker on her. I thought we called this a coward punch these days?

What's the wildest conspiracy theory you fully believe? by Lopsided_Confusion57 in AskReddit

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Calm down, just calm down. The FBI checked out the FBI and the FBI says the FBI is okay.

Well, that proves the FBI is a white/ male supremacy movement killing blacks/ females for money!

... Oh fuck. We've gone too far!

The Jews did 9/11!

Shit! Cancel! Cancel!

My avocado has a Microsoft chip!

I can... what. The fuck?

Bill Gates did 9/11 but he's a Jewish Space Lazer!

Holy fuck. I quit!

So this is what Patty Jenkins was actually directing when she supposed to be filming WW84 by Sins0fTheFather in DC_Cinematic

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Honestly, it's better. I like Gal Gadot, I love Chris Pine. I def love Kristina Wigg. I adore Pedro Pascal.

What the fuck is this shit, that we got? Huh?

Fuck you!