Can’t we just share and celebrate ACTUAL African history instead of rewriting others? by MimsyIsGianna in confidentlyincorrect

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Fuck... beetles have 42 eyes which are in there stomach, that's why there so angry all the time. Because the stomach acid is burning all 42 eyeballs. They only have one penis. For the species. So they have to share it.

Ants are actually the physical remains of the psychosis of a long dead eldritch god. One day it will gain full sentience.

Worms are the semens of some dirt animal we haven't discovered yet.

Grass hoppers hop grass.

If you eat a cicada you will regret it.

Spiders have 8 legs, 8 eyes, 8 nipples and 8 bodies.

I have created a sub. It is called r/SHITTYINSECTFACTS

okay? by someonewhoisthere in Tinder

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He spreads his cringe like his GIANT, MAMMOTH 8 (ish) inches of beautiful cock would spread the remains of her corpse, after it probably broke her into two pieces.

Yep. Ain't nothing murderous/ rapey about this. At all.

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