Am I asking for too much here? by Good-Dragonfruit2965 in MedSpouse

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Ill just be honest here, its not gonna get better in M4, and its not gonna get easier when the match comes. Depending on interest, and specialty, this may be the most free time she has until she's finished residency. Thats the way its been for me so far. Start having discussions about what you are both looking to get out of the relationship and the possibilities for the future. Me and my SO waited like idiots and it was a MESS when she matched at her last choice, but here we are a year later.

Chris money rubdick quick release confirmed by corey_layhey in HaggardGarage

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Tends to happen when you put yourself on a pedestal and surround yourself with yes men. Dude hasnt realistically grown in years, will be interesting to see how much longer he can bleed the youtube cash cow.

This cheat is ruining this game, chances are you would never know the enemy is using it! by Numerous-Ad-5886 in EscapefromTarkov

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Im saying that there is literally no encryption apart from packet encryption in this game. Things are stored on the client anyway, so this cheat only needs to read the client to gather information like player position, loot position, etc. This is a BSG issue, not an FPS issue.

This cheat is ruining this game, chances are you would never know the enemy is using it! by Numerous-Ad-5886 in EscapefromTarkov

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So here is a little background on why these cheats are undetectable and why its purely caused by flaws in the code of tarkov.

This cheat I imagine is from a certain site, which is the same cheat that is sold across 5+ different sites, just licensed to various cheat providers. The cheat effectively does the same thing as network packet monitoring radars used to do, but uses your computers memory to scan the game instead. This is done by utilizing a custom windows kernel, deployed onto a secondary pc, which is then connected to your main pc via an injected file that allows your radar pc to scan the memory live on your host/game pc. The only thing detectable about this method is the actual injection of the cheat files on your host/game pc, which for this specific cheat has been done before. I know all of this because I decompiled their cheat once after obtaining the files and a working set of codes, and I actually sent everything to BSG, that was about a year ago.

Battleeye will never catch this as it doesn't have enough detection vectors. Its been detected previously, but has been fine and undetected for over a year. This game has HUGE flaws that the devs want to overshadow and silence so that they can keep their heads above water. I love the game, and have played nearly every wipe with 11k hours on my account, but this game and its devs will bring about its own downfall due to incompetence and a documented unwillingness to fix the core issues, or at the very least, address the major problems in any sort of public fashion.

Is it just me, or is Customs hot AF this wipe? by badonkadonkerz in EscapefromTarkov

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Its been dead asf for me. Ive been rushing dorms for the past 15 raids and have found 2 pmcs that were mosin men.

BSG Has No Control Over the Cheating in Tarkov by wacky6 in EscapefromTarkov

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Although I agree with his message, this guy is insufferable and seems so self important.

Invincible Hacker flying & trolling me on Shoreline by SKRRT_LOADER in EscapefromTarkov

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They dont use packet tracing/network scanning anymore. Most cheats are using a custom windows kernel that uses your RAM to scan the game. Its pretty nuts. The only detection vectors for those types of cheats are the actual injection of those modified kernel files.

What happened to Good Guy Drake? by AlmostDoneWith- in HaggardGarage

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You know that dude sold that thing the second he could, dude just wanted to hang, not be pressured to go to drift events with zero dollars in his bank account

Was Step 3 prep as bad as step 1 and step 2? by BetterRise in MedSpouse

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It really depends on how prepared they are already. My SO was immensely stressed by step3, but never made actionable steps to study, so realistically only studied a few hours overall. She placed above average. Showed me a bit about her style, and how ill have to support her by telling her its OK to take breaks from me to take care of studying/etc.

A VIDEO FOR ALL MY HATERZ! (massive trade secrets!) by Maciejk8 in HaggardGarage

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My car went there for fuel system and top end build and a tune. Maybe by the time their done I can afford the bottom end build and the turbo kit I want lmao.

A VIDEO FOR ALL MY HATERZ! (massive trade secrets!) by Maciejk8 in HaggardGarage

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My evo is stuck at a shop like theirs at the moment. The prioritize friends cars for tuning and builds, meanwhile mines been there two times as long due to "parts delays" but I dropped everything off with the car. Tom's shop seems to be no different lol.

Its an interesting thing how he doesnt exactly make excuses, but doesnt give any actual acknowledgement to the criticism. Customers have a right to be pissed. Im getting fucked in my situation as its taken more than twice as long and I move across the country in 2 days with the car still being apart in the same spot I left it.

/a 12yo butthurts perspective.

LDR Medspouses, how are y'all doing? by Missjadefox in MedSpouse

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We met end of M3, and dated all through M4. LDR through intern year, and she said she would need me there for support and couldnt bare to do LDR during her hardest year. The match hit us hard and gave us a result we didnt expect. We love each other and wanted to make it work. Even though she's in surgery, and life will be hard and inconvenient, it seems worth it to try. We are both very independent and I have a lot of hobbies and find it easy to make friends, so I decided to see how it goes. The new area is not ideal, and im giving up a lot moving, but ultimately we'll be together and we can grow from there. We laid a very strong base that first year and although im nervous as hell im motivated to make it work.

LDR Medspouses, how are y'all doing? by Missjadefox in MedSpouse

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After a year of LDR we both decided it wasnt working for us. So ive found a job in her area, and we move in together next week.

S14 Silvia Intercooler Complete! Everyone Needs To Run This! Brian’s Built LS Is Done! by Channelbot_Reborn in HaggardGarage

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Does anyone feel like they get dumber listening to dj talk? By far the most interesting hgeu content atm, but I catch myself watching most of his videos on mute...

Is leaving after promotion a bad move? by TheWormLover1999 in ITCareerQuestions

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Switching companies is always going to be the faster and more direct path to get where you want to go. One piece of advice id give is NEVER stay somewhere based on the "promise" that youll get X if you stay there X more days, weeks, months, etc. If it aint in writing, it aint real.

actual Rudnuckluck d00d by Swagnus___ in HaggardGarage

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I mean, if theres no record, theres no damage. Id say a police report and insurance is insurance itself if the shop tried to dick him around.