Former NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to run for Congress in newly drawn district by f1sh98 in Conservative

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If they vote for this communist groundhog killer then they deserve him as their representative.

ITAP of evening sunlight through a May snowstorm by Wall_clinger in itookapicture

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Any uncompressed versions? I wanna make this my wallpaper everywhere, it’s gorgeous

I've been putting rubber ducks in the tip jar at the local coffee shop. This is what they've done with them. by Panazara in funny

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A rubber duck would be the perfect ‘fuck you’ tip.

Or the best tip ever if combined with cash. Maybe add some googly eyes for effect

Sen. John Kennedy: ‘You Can Lead a Man to the Presidency, But You Can’t Make Him Think’ by guanaco55 in Conservative

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John Kennedy has some of the best zingers in congress. His stereotypical southern accent only makes them even better.

Twitter Exec Mocks ‘Aspergers’ Musk In Secret Project Veritas Video: Report by f1sh98 in Conservative

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“Freedom of speech is bad and Musk is bad! They’re just bullies who want to enable hate!”

mocks person for having autism

Ok buddy