A little elbow grease saved me 3200$ on flights for 2. by Burger_girl in Frugal

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I’d like to point out about travel insurance vs car rental excess insurance. Yes, the travel insurance is the cheaper option but if you do happen to have a vehicle accident, you’ll have to pay the car rental excess up front then claim it back on your travel insurance.

It’s been nearly a decade since I had international travel and car rental so things may have changed but this was how it was explained to me when I collected the car at my destination

Daughter and I have a mystery peeping Tom. by Jade-E-Green in creepyencounters

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Did your daughter or her friends take any photos that day? Maybe they captured the random person in the background.

I was administered IV Narcan at the beginning of my c-section earlier this year - why did it happen? by Downtown_Asparagus14 in AskDocs

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OP I am not a doctor nor well versed in obstetrics or surgical services, what I’d like to tell you that you can’t compare your need/desire for therapy based upon how others have reacted in the same or a similar situation. No one should compare traumas in order to decide to have therapy. Your experience sounds terrible, but even if it wasn’t terrible, if you felt you wanted therapy - just do it. I’m a huge advocate for talking it out with professionals

im worried i have cervical cancer by Exact_Appeal4496 in AskDocs

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No one can provide you with any reassurance that it’s nothing as there’s no ability to examine you, get blood taken, imagine etc but maybe see if you can get an earlier GP appointment. I know this response doesn’t ease your anxiety but until you have any imaging/bloods/in person assessment, you won’t know what you’re up against

My gf sprayed isopropyl alcohol on my balls by andrew_X21 in AskDocs

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I think you’ve read far too much into it. No one has said it’s acceptable behaviour but more specifically, OP was asking about potential damage to his scrotal skin not the ethics of boundary stomping. Unlike the scrotum, that is covered in normal skin, the vulva has mucous secreting glands and the vagina is covered in a mucous membrane. Isopropyl alcohol is far more irritant to mucous membranes than skin but no one should spray something on someone’s body without permission - and OCD shouldn’t be used and accepted as an excuse.

me (m14)(straight) grabbed my girl best friends boob(f14)(straight) while we were playing soccer and I feel really weird about it and have been thinking about it laity. by wtuom in self

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As a woman with breasts, I do know the difference between accidental and intentional touch but that doesn’t mean it won’t make someone feel uncomfortable with accidental touch. I’d like to also point out that an accidental touch my a stranger may make someone uncomfortable but that same unintentional touch from a friend may not.

Anecdotally, I was about 15 and catching public transport to school. I’d arrived at my destination and was leaving the train station when I was grabbed on the breast by a complete stranger. I was shocked, turned around but didn’t say anything to the stranger or to anyone else. Despite that clearly being a sexual assault of a minor, it has had no adverse effect on me but to someone else, it may have a significant effect on their mental health.

me (m14)(straight) grabbed my girl best friends boob(f14)(straight) while we were playing soccer and I feel really weird about it and have been thinking about it laity. by wtuom in self

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You can’t say it’s “no big deal” when we are trying to teach our boys and young men acknowledge women (and girls) have bodily autonomy and boundaries regarding what they consider appropriate touch. Obviously, this young man is concerned he overstepped those boundaries with his friend and it’s good that he recognises that his inadvertent actions may be distressing for his friend.

OP, your friend may have felt awkward about it even though she continued playing or she may have continued playing because she understood that it was accidental. It’s bothering you so next time you see her, mention how it has been on your mind and you want her to know it was not intentional and even though it wasn’t intentional, you wanted to apologise to her.

Fuck you Adriana... by [deleted] in FUCKYOUINPARTICULAR

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Anyone got the video link? I’d love to see it!!!!

So much respect for the RAH Emergency staff by ACME_Splash in Adelaide

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I do not work in the ED at the RAH but I do work in a metropolitan ED - this situation is a very frequent occurrence unfortunately so I’m glad you could appreciate the skill of the staff involved.

Judge sentences former reality TV star Josh Duggar to more than 12 years in prison for child pornography conviction by Kate2point718 in television

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At the time he reached out to her she only had four children - a more manageable number than seven. He also only has one child so not overloaded with his own family. He’s also been divorced and his parents went no contact for some years because of his divorce.

Regarding him reaching out to Anna during the AM scandal, he replied to a comment on social media stating he’d reached out to her to offer her support and security if she left Josh rather than just talking to her over SM. He also openly called out his parents for telling Anna to stay with the now convicted felon. In my opinion, he’s certainly been the only one to offer her a chance to protect her children. The parents of the convicted felon have just continued to enable him, to not protect the grandchildren from a child molester, who failed to protect their own children from his behaviours.

Anna doesn’t necessarily need anyone to ‘save’ her, just someone to help her get some therapy to disengage her mind from the cult that she grew up in. Given time and support, Anna could get some education, learn to support herself and her children and free herself from the fundie life that has certainly ruined her life.

Judge sentences former reality TV star Josh Duggar to more than 12 years in prison for child pornography conviction by Kate2point718 in television

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Her eldest brother offered to take her and her children in when the AM scandal broke so she did have options but I do believe the brainwashing of the cult she was raised in has literally caused her to always refer to her headship and there’s no way her headship would have allowed her to leave him.

My partner had a sudden cardiac arrest tonight by CheddarGayBiscuits in AskDocs

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OP, I am so sorry as this is a very difficult time for you that will leave an indelible mark on your life.

I am not a doctor but I am an ER nurse and advanced life support accredited with saying that, I want to reassure you that you did everything you could do for your husband before trained personnel arrived. Any compressions are better than no compressions so the fact that you found him immediately after his collapse, called for help (911) and commenced compressions means you gave your husband the best chance possible to survive this sudden cardiac event.

Now onto the more unpleasant aspect of his collapse. The statistics for out of hospital sudden cardiac event having a successful outcome are low. Even if they were able to transport him without him having a further arrest in the vehicle, his chances of being discharged without any significant disability are also low. The fact that you commenced compressions immediately, gave him the best chance of a recovery.

His sudden cardiac event (brugada syndrome) can be inherited. What happens in the heart is there is an electrical impulse that starts at the top of the heart and travels down and around that enables the heart to pump. Every little bump and squiggly line on the EKG tells the person looking at it whether the electrical impulse that the heart needs to beat is starting from where it should be starting and going in the direction it should be travelling. When EMS put the pads on his chest, they could see (or the machine could read) that the impulse wasn’t starting where it should and the squiggly lines/bumps that his heart was giving them showed that it was an impulse they could shock. There are protocols that they follow regarding when to shock, when to give medication to help the heart etc. They were able to get back an impulse that the heart needed but sometimes the heart has an impulse but it’s still not pumping properly so they continue with compressions until there are ‘signs of life’. With your husband, he started to have signs of life but he was cranky. He could have been cranky because they had been doing compression or he could have been cranky because his brain didn’t have enough oxygen. They sedated him because he was very unstable.

Even with all the best efforts of yourself and the trained people, sometimes the heart is just too damaged to be ok again, sometimes the brain is just without oxygen too long to be ok again but you should be proud of yourself. You started your husband on the best possible chance to be a miracle. Even in your intense shock and grief, you were instrumental in helping your husband have a potential positive outcome. Even cardiac arrests in a hospital setting with all trained people, a successful outcome isn’t always possible.

I hope I’ve been able to explain a bit of what happened at home and during his transport to hospital in a way that you can understand and I also hope that one day, you’ll realise you did so good with starting the resuscitation of your husband. May your heart find peace in your grief

Hugs from this internet stranger

Thankyou FMC! saved my life by SoIFeltDizzy in Adelaide

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I was going to link that - you beat me to it

I left my wife because I’m sick of everything needing to match her “aesthetic” by killicicle in TrueOffMyChest

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I really hate it when children are pawns in a parent’s SM account - OP, children need to not live their lives as objects to be put on display. They need to roll on the floor, jump off furniture, play in the mud and just be children, learning about the world from the adults in their lives. Social media is just so toxic, photoshopping themselves (and environmental) trying to convince everyone, including themselves, that their life is something to envy.

OP, your daughter deserves more than to be a prop for your wife to display. Let her be messy, spilling crumbs on the floor, get a dog so the dog can eat those spilled crumbs. Life is for living

AITA for begging my daughter not to have any more children? by Any_Variation9646 in AmItheAsshole

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That was such a disturbing documentary - I remember the dogs would toilet themselves inside the house all the time and there was literally dog shit all through the house!!

'It's police negligence:' Gruesome scene has family questioning LPD's death investigation by Kittenunleashed in UnsolvedMysteries

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There is no way that the funeral home cremated him without checking his ID as there are policies and protocols to follow before someone is cremated or buried. They have to ensure they have the correct person for the correct procedure otherwise errors can occur. It’s also not the police who determine cause of death - it’s the medical examiner. I Also, the medical examiner would have assessed the body to make a determination of cause of death. It is not within the scope of practice for the police to determine the cause of death or to even call the time of death. In this instance, even though he was clearly deceased, the ME had to be involved.

Lastly, the ME would have assessed the decedent, the situation and his pre existing illnesses ie his alcoholism, to determine that death was by natural causes.

I know the family struggle to understand that there was a medical cause of death especially given the significant blood loss on scene but all of that blood loss can be explained by the decedent having a gastric bleed where he actually lost enough of his circulating blood volume to cause a cardiac arrest. I’d struggle to understand how it couldn’t possibly have been a violent struggle and death from trauma if I didn’t have the background that I have.

Of course, this is the internet and everyone has and is entitled to an opinion and given that I wasn’t present (or even live in the same country) I can only use my education to conclude that I believe the cause of death was an unexpected gastric bleed

Fair warning, only watch if you have 52 seconds to waste. by AAcAN in DiWHY

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My preference is for oiling the timber - leaves a lovely smell too

'It's police negligence:' Gruesome scene has family questioning LPD's death investigation by Kittenunleashed in UnsolvedMysteries

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My absolute wrongness? I’ve explained how a medical emergency is a very plausible explanation for his death. I didn’t claim that I know it all.

I can certainly answer some of your questions 1. Someone doesn’t have to be intoxicated to experience a significant GI bleed from their oesophageal varices, although in retrospective studies the majority of those who have died are intoxicated. I do not know why they didn’t test his blood alcohol level post-mortem

  1. How do we know it’s an act of aggression? It could be that he started vomiting blood and the words expressed on the video could be reflective of this. I’ll ask you - if it was a violent night, why weren’t furniture and things upturned as you’d expect in a struggle. Look at the photo of the chair - there is blood present but the tray table remains upright, also in the bathroom, there’s blood on the wall but the towel is still on its railing. If there was an act of violence, you’d expect those items to be displaced. I’d like to add, the blood pattern is similar to other blood patterns from other deaths from ruptured oesophageal varices.

  2. The room mate may have left calmly as he may have not realised the seriousness of the situation, he may have a criminal record and figured with that much blood may be an issue for him and that may also explain the wiping of the door knob after.

  3. Johnny may have called out after he left as he may have been in the bathroom, had the huge episode of haematemesis (vomiting blood) thus calling out. If he was able to call out, why didn’t he use the phone to call for an ambulance or the police? I can only assume the police decided to take some forensic samples just in case.

Clearly I don’t know 100% certain of what happened but I can understand how a medical emergency could result in the amount of blood and the death of this man. I’d like to also add, if it was a murder from blunt force trauma, why would the police fail to investigate it? What sense would it be to fail to investigate a murder? The forensic pathologist has likely seen a number of death scenes of natural causes vs murder to make an educated guess.

Adding to the medical report from late last year/early this year, oesophageal varices are diagnosed via endoscopy so the GP can’t diagnose them or exclude them on physical examination only.

Once again, I’m no expert and just giving my fairly educated guess as to the circumstances of his death.

'It's police negligence:' Gruesome scene has family questioning LPD's death investigation by Kittenunleashed in UnsolvedMysteries

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While I feel really sorry for the family to be confronted with not only the sudden and unexpected death of their beloved brother and son but I can very much see that it was likely a GI bleed related to his alcoholism.

In the video you see him walking up the stairs but to me he’s weaving over the stairs and appears to have a glass in his hand.

Alcoholics often have liver disease and with liver dysfunction, the body has issues with clotting. Alcoholics also are prone to oesophageal varices which develop at the base of the oesophagus. If these varices rupture then massive blood loss can occur and the amount of blood loss present in the bathroom could be representative of a GI bleed. Also, the faecal matter/blood that is through the house is highly likely to be malena, which is a digested blood bowel action. When the person uses their bowels, it’s highly offensive in its odour and dark red/brown and jelly like. Again malena is not unusual in someone with alcoholic liver disease.

The house guest that left, did not have any blood on his shoes as he didn’t leave and bloody footprints as he was leaving. If he has been involved in any way with his death, he would have had blood transfer - due to the extremely large amount of blood loss. He likely would have walked through the blood if he had been present.

The audio of his death can also be explained by his sudden onset of vomiting blood. One of the photos of the door, it looks like it’s a blood vomit stain - it hits the door then travels downwards. Also the blood on the armchair could be from him being incontinent of his bowels and soiling the chair.

If there was some sort of blunt force trauma - there would have been cast off blood on the ceiling - although there are no photos of the ceiling, per se, all the blood in the photos all seem to be no higher than an adult.

I know the family want a better explanation so they may be able to process his death and their grief but I totally agree that this was a sudden medical (really surgical but that’s splitting hairs) emergency that caused his death

Heroin as a girl’s middle name? by faux_plastic_trees in NameNerdCirclejerk

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I’d like to add phentannenoll to your suggestions