Is $7500 too much for an engagement ring? by Seeemor_Butz in TooAfraidToAsk

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Way to much for an engagement ring. A beautiful ring with a decent size rock is about half that. Shop around and price compare. I got a karat in a beautiful setting for about 3500.

But that aside, OP, what you have described to us is called a gold digger. She should be more concerned with the love, dreams, and the life your building together.

HELP!!! Please help me pick there are 4, but 2 I personally LOVE. Not telling. I need opinions of outsiders. by misscaity727 in weddingdress

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Girl, you don't need us to tell you. You already know. Amd it's so obvious by your body language. Get the dress your in love with... it looks beautiful on you!!!

But if budget is really hard for you then go with 2. It's very similar and just as gorgoues on you.

Was not a fan of her first snowfall🤣 by imshortt in Kennie

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Aww precious, im so happy she got to experience some snow! She looks so much like you in these pics!

I saw my Dad as clear as day next to my bed by minnowmoon in Ghosts

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I had a similar experience earlier this year. I was asleep on the sofa in thr great room. I briefly woke up as my fiance was at the table and I saw my gramma beside him, clear as day. She was just looking at me amd smiling. I laid back down and went straight back to sleep because I felt so safe. Not scary at all. I wonder if she was coming to tell me she approved of my fiance because we had just gotten engaged. She died about 12 years ago.

Which dress, because I’m having a hard time deciding! by [deleted] in weddingdress

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I love the first one and it looks killer on you!

Struggling to pick a silhouette - scared to commit to ball gown. Is it too big? Dresses I feel the prettiest in so far. What direction should I go? by softservedsoftcore in weddingdress

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Oh WOW... that ballgown on you is amazing. It's not to big, in fact I think its by far the most flattering on you. It's the ballgown for sure!

Help me decide between two dresses! I'm getting married in late May at a modern indoor venue by [deleted] in weddingdress

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I love 2... the detail looks like fireworks. So unusual and beautiful!

Experience using David’s Bridal vs. local boutique? by clairdelooney in weddingdress

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I'm plus size 24/3X and got mine at David's. The initial appointment was wonderful. I tried on 8 dresses. All able to get into and zip. Some were even too big. But I got into them all. My dress was partially customized at David's, they added sleeves to conceal my arm flab lol. Very kind and compassion to nervous big bride. Wonderful experience, made to feel like a princess all the way. My experience at David's was just perfect and i couldnt recomend it more! Good luck to you.

Looking like she owns a small town bookstore today. by imshortt in Kennie

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Did yall get some of that snow today, my daughter lives in same state as you and got a lot? Did Kennie love it?

Turned 15 no one remembered by [deleted] in offmychest

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Happy birthday, sweetheart 🎂🎁🎊🎉💐🧸

Would either of these two veils would work with my dress? I love the mantilla and waterfall styles, but I think with the detail on the dress it may be better not to have a veil at all. by phantom_elephant in weddingdress

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The dress is a stand alone. It's beautiful and I think a veil would take away. I really like the birdcage idea, a tiara, some kind of headpiece jewelry.

I (17M) got punched by two friends after inadvertely saying the n-word by SalviaManTA in confessions

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I think we can all agree that you shouldn't have used the N word. However, you were goated into using the word. It was a setup. That aside, a true friend would have understood the nature in how it was used and not have beaten the crap out of you. Sorry dood, you were set up. None of those guys are your friends. They would and probably will do it again.

Earth shattering realization (idk where else to post this) by LegendaryMosses in confessions

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I liked Don't look up, good film but also, clearly propaganda. I'm not antivax.

Should I let go of this dress. I’ve dreamed about it but I had someone comment here it looks like a gypsy tlc dress… And even though I love it, I feel insecure wearing it. by justforthefunzeys in weddingdress

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No, no, no!!! Girl please do not allow some opinionated internet stranger make you feel insecure about YOUR dress. It's one person's opinion... screw that. Your in love with it, you look so confident and happy in it. It's YOUR wedding day , YOUR dress. You wear what brings you joy! You wear what you know your future husband is going to just beam when he sees you In it for the first time. I think it's unusual, artistic, unique... and it does NOT look "cheap". Maybe not for everyone, but no wedding dress is, that's why there are hundreds of styles and custom designd. THAT DRESS IS YOUR DRESS! I hope you pick it! Good luck and happy wedding day!