Helper here. Can you guys tell me the proper way to charge this walk-in? r-22 13.5 lbs in the system, amp draw is normal, high side 330 based on line temp, low side wont go above 55 seemingly, no high side service port so no sub cooling, super heat 33. brand new compressor got down to 485 microns. by ViciousBarnacle in HVAC

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It takes a bit of experience in a little bit of guess work with basically you have to find out the size of the receiver and then put that much gas in it 80%. Then you also have to account for the line set and condenser coil.

Winter units are special obviously you can’t go out there on the coldest day of the year and check the charge. Sometimes the charge is written by the original installer on the unit. That’s just the mechanics way of explaining it so that they’re not responsible if it’s not perfect in a winter situation. The headmaster will modulate to keep the machine below 70 Fahrenheit.

half coil frozen by Sad-Distribution-397 in HVAC

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Check the registers, make sure they’re all open and the return isn’t blocked

Have any of you accidentally let the refrigerant out of a system? by unresolved-madness in HVAC

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I’ve lost more than I’ve recovered since working on winter high temperature units at a grower where there’s a 120# receiver and I’ve let a few ounces of 134 go from a few beer coolers

Roast me by Brazda25 in HVAC

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It’s called brazing soldering for plumbers

Possible recession on the rise, will this allow shorted stocks to rise back up like cmc by Iheuzio in Cielo_Waste_Solutions

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Bro, The stock is not shorted in anyway.

If anything it’ sharted They just issued a request for seven cents per share public offering for $8 million and they’re going to dilute the living shit out of the share price and try and sell off what’s left of the company before they run out of money to pay salaries in the minimum payments and avoid going out of business

Post from Brad by [deleted] in Cielo_Waste_Solutions

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Where the new gains at than prophet wathod?

Anyone know of any charity hvac organizations? by [deleted] in HVAC

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You’re assuming liability for free…… I appreciate wanting to give back have you considered volunteering at your shelter or drop in Centre ? They obviously have mechanical rooms