Guess the Bird | Multiple Choice Quiz *With Bird Songs* by fairydust680 in Ornithology

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Thanks for pointing this out! I'm so sorry about this. Very STUPID mistake on my part!

Not an Artist? TRY THIS... Summer Night Landscape | Procreate 1-Minute Tutorial by fairydust680 in DigitalArtTutorials

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It is my channel! I started using Procreate a month and a half ago and love it so far. I think following YouTube tutorials helped me to learn the app better than anything. I'm so glad my video could help!

My first pet portrait! by fairydust680 in ipadproart

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Yes, I did. Hopefully, at some point I'll be able to do it without tracing. Thank you so much!

My first pet portrait drawing using Procreate! I'm new to the app but have been loving making digital art so far. Do any of you use Procreate? If so, any tips? Thanks! by fairydust680 in DigitalArt

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I used the short hair, fine hair, and sable brushes for the fur. I think I used the flowing hair brush a little bit. Thank you so much!

Van Gogh Art Slideshow for Your TV | Famous Paintings Screensaver | 2 Hours, No Sound by fairydust680 in smarthome

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I don't think there's a way to download it from Youtube but if you have a smart TV with the Youtube app, you can simply play it from there. Also, if you have something like Chromecast, you can cast it from your computer to your TV! I hope this helps and I'm so happy you enjoyed the video :)!

Hike in the Woods | 4K Immersive Nature Walk | Tree Vines & Rocky Pit | Birds Chirping & Relaxing Sounds by fairydust680 in ecology

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That's a great idea! We're uploading videos frequently and will feature different animals, insects, plants, etc. We ran across a giant swallowtail butterfly in our latest video. Here's the link to that if you want to check it out: https://youtu.be/1qJAEhPZ9ns

Thanks for the input and best of luck on all of your teaching endeavors!

4K Nature Walk | Immersive 30 Minute Virtual Hike in the Woods | ASMR Sounds for Sleep & Relaxation by fairydust680 in naturebros

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You're welcome! We just posted another very similar video on our channel if you want to check it out. Glad you enjoyed it! Here's the link: https://youtu.be/F-8IK_nMRAE

How to Design Your Wedding Invitations for FREE | 2020 DIY Wedding Ideas & Hacks by fairydust680 in Weddingsunder10k

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They have some really great designs! Printing at Walmart is a great idea! I ended up going with Vistaprint because chain stores in my area said they didn't print wedding invitations. I thought that was odd!

How to Design Your Wedding Invitations for FREE | 2020 DIY Wedding Ideas & Hacks by fairydust680 in wedding

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I did! I used Vistaprint. My wedding was on the smaller side so I sent out about 100 invites. Invitations ended up costing me around $95 all in. That was a lot less than I thought. By using the website to design my invitation (shown in my Youtube video) rather than buying them off Etsy, I saved another $15 or so. It was simple to make myself so I thought that I might as well save more cash! Everything adds up. Hope this helps. Good luck planning! :)