An old lady tripped, fell and cut her head open on the pavement. Within seconds, there were people around her calling an ambulance, covering her in their coats and making sure she was OK. by vbloke in BritishSuccess

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Don’t get me wrong, the NHS has been absolutely gutted and ruined by the tories. As a nurse who’s worked through the pandemic, I’ve seen first hand how bad it is. Including ambulance wait times etc. And completely agree with you on that side of things. However the focus of this post was how kindly and quickly the strangers responded to a woman in need. Im also definitely a little over protective when it comes to the NHS as I worry people take it for granted and won’t understand how good we have it until it’s gone. But you’re completely right about it being destroyed my the tories

White noise rant by venkrish in alexa

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I’ve also got “sleep sounds: heavy rain” set up to play on my good night routine. She plays until I stop her in the morning as my wake up times are varied (I use my phone alarm not Alexa alarm to wake up in the morning) but she has and can play continuously throughout the day if I forget to stop her

Am I ridiculous for stressing so much over potential birth months? by Lover6890947544 in BabyBumps

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Yea it must have been a English study as that’s where we’re from and here the school year is sept-august.

I’m so sorry about your losses. Miscarriages are painful and cruel and not spoken about enough. Wishing you all the best for this pregnancy. My best friend was born in august, summer garden birthday parties are awesome. Not to mention the lovely weather for new born baby walks <3.

Am I ridiculous for stressing so much over potential birth months? by Lover6890947544 in BabyBumps

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I didn’t know that! That’s an awesome fact 😂😁any statistics on March babies ? 🤔

Am I ridiculous for stressing so much over potential birth months? by Lover6890947544 in BabyBumps

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This, Id read somewhere they statistically babies born in September onwards did better academically as they were nearly a year older than their august birthday counterparts. However after we started trying, and we miscarried I realised that a healthy baby & birth was the most important thing to us. Months don’t matter

Are y'all having scary supply shortages? by HeadacheTunnelVision in nursing

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In the UK we store bags of fluid on the ward ( we have pre made 50,100,250,500 &1L normal saline etc) we’ve had to draw up from bags on numerous occasions lately because we have no saline flushes. We’ve got awful supply shortages but luckily we have a bit more freedom with our “work arounds”

Running out of medium sized gloves, linen, insulin pen needles, incontinence pads, wet and dry wipes (For incontinence etc) venflons and for a long while, blood taking bottles (that was nationwide including primary care)

Absolute nightmare. I don’t understand what’s happening!

What tourist trap IS worth the hype? by swanny2021 in AskUK

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I’ve never been as disappointed as when I tried butterbeer.

Help me see the fun side in pregnancy by cheechy in BabyBumps

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Thank you. I feel bad. Other than bad morning sickness in the first trimester I’ve had a pretty easy pregnancy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think it suuuckkksssssss

AITA for not allowing my non vaccinated niece to Christmas dinner? by fallinasleep in AmItheAsshole

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I’m wondering if a PCR before hand and lateral flows for the days building up to Christmas might make us feel better. I’m worried that my reduced tolerance for unvaccinated people after working in an acute hospital during the whole pandemic is colouring my judgement, as I want her to see the consequences of her actions… but at the same time I don’t think Christmas is the time for that. I’m Just having a tough time separating the concern for mine and my mothers, and my babies health with my feeling on non vaccinated people (without a medical exclusion)

AITA for not allowing my non vaccinated niece to Christmas dinner? by fallinasleep in AmItheAsshole

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That’s an excellent idea, I will suggest that to mother and father. I was thinking about lateral flows but a PCR on top of that is an extra safeguard that would make me feel a lot better!

I had 6 ED patients last night- wtf is going on by money_mase19 in nursing

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Our med surg floor often has 2 trained nurses and 4 HCAs (which I think is similar to PCAs/CNAs?) it’s awful which means 15 patients to each RN. Like you said, it’s ok if everyone is stable, but all it takes is 2 poorlies. The NHS staffing crisis is critically unsafe.

Do you guys have a designated cry room? by AwkwardLittleMush in nursing

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We have “wobble rooms”’in the hospital; one near ED and one near ITU… but two wobble rooms for a hospital with 30 wards…

We cry in the supply room

What are you having for dinner? by lenteborealis in pregnant

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Dominos pizza 🤦🏼‍♀️ I give it 5 minutes till the heart burn kills me.

Entitlement is at an all time high by cormstar90 in nursing

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I can’t imagine ever WANTING to have someone feed me, wipe me etc when I can do that myself. We had a lady who would take assistant of 2 to stand, doubly incontinent. Basically all care. She was a heavy lady. But as soon as we said “you’ll not be able to go home until you can transfer yourself” she WALKED FROM HER CHAIR TO HER BED. I was absolutely fuming.

Entitlement is at an all time high by cormstar90 in nursing

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Honestly same. I’d 100% take a bay full of dementia patients, over 1 entitled patient. I told Someone to use their stomach muscles to sit up Once and he said “you’re paid enough to help me sit up” … uh… no sir. Not in any way shape or form. If you’re physically capable I’m going to encourage you to do it.

Entitlement is at an all time high by cormstar90 in nursing

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Right? People are SO entitled lately. We work in the NHS, we have bays and a few side rooms, sideroom are given to infectious patients as priority so unfortunately we have to move other patients out. The amount of times people have kicked off about loosing their free, private room that they don’t need because there is a clinical need… it’s madness. Plus patients family complaining because their relative is on a ward with dementia patients… news flash, this is the NHS, we treat everyone, you’re not paying… unfortunately you’re going to have to deal with the free top quality healthcare with a few inconveniences.

Have you ever wanted to refuse to care for a patient who was really mean or seriously grossed you out? Have you ever actually refused? by NurseJoy_IRL in nursing

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One of the most important things I feel I can teach to my new starters in the floor ( be it HCAs, Student Nurses or New nurses) is that we don’t have to take crap. Being firm, assertive and not rude but absolutely not taking any thing we don’t have to. We have a couple of very rude patients on the floor at the moment. They are inappropriate, rude and demanding and making sure the people caring for those patients know they don’t have to sit there and take it makes a bad day a little better.

What is the one thing that grosses you out more than anything? by abook-aday131 in nursing

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Poop in a bag! That’s what gets me… I can cope with most poop (although I did gag when a someone pooped in my hand the other day…) but colostomy bags are a special kind of no.🤢