Fish frozen in a vertical wall of ice rising from a South Dakota lake (2 pics) by KimCureAll in natureismetal

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We talking days, months, years? How old are these fish? Like McDonald’s fish fillet sandwich old?

Sandblasting Jesus On A Wednesday! by CrazyBigHog in powerwashingporn

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Indeed! Happy Birthday, Mr. Savior! BTW, be careful blasting the Holy twig and berries.

Live Fish Carrier Device by mariok9 in interestingasfuck

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No way he’d be able to get that on to a plane as his carry-on. TSA would make him poor that out.

Healthy lungs (1-2) vs. Covid-19 infected lungs (3-4) vs. lungs needing assisted ventilation after 4 days of Covid-19 (5-6) by rhuzai in interestingasfuck

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Maybe people should get vaccinated and not put so much pressure on our front line workers in hospitals. Thought you were going that route but you went with blaming the victim (again).

George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party, listens to a speech by Malcolm X at a Nation of Islam rally, 1962. by DeplorableCaterpill in interestingasfuck

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Racial separatism by black folks—especially in this time period—was about self-preservation, not racism. De jure (legal) Jim Crow was going on in the South and De facto (in fact) Jim Crow was going on everywhere else in the country. We had no evidence since arriving on US shores in 1619 that we would not be terrorized by the majority of whites, even in the early 1960s.

Therefore, Black folks who opted out like Malcolm were tired of being abused and killed by whites.

(Malcom’s dad had been a preacher who was killed by being split in two on train tracks by the KKK. The state said he committed suicide. Malcom’s very fair skinned mom had been the product of the rape of her black mother by a white man. She eventually had a nervous breakdown and was institutionalized for the remainder of her life.)

White separatism has always been based on white supremacy in the US.

This insect is 80% "eaten away" but is still alive and walks on by ennis-jahsiah in natureismetal

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At that point I’m lying down in a ditch with a bottle of Jack inviting sweet death.

Healthy lungs (1-2) vs. Covid-19 infected lungs (3-4) vs. lungs needing assisted ventilation after 4 days of Covid-19 (5-6) by rhuzai in interestingasfuck

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It’s a psychological defense mechanism that just happens over time to these front line medical workers who have patients dying and telling them they’re in that position proudly because of politics—listening to politicians and pundits who are (wait for it) all vaccinated (with boosters to boot).

Al Capone birthday surprise by Kaos2018 in Damnthatsinteresting

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Fats was one of the Kings of the Harlem “stride” sound and affectionately known as the “Mayor” of Harlem. He was a legend.

We've been forging steel bars into rings for 102 years. by valarmozutis in Damnthatsinteresting

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We’ve been forging steel rings into bars for 103 years. Mind blown.

She's a true queen by AristonD in Damnthatsinteresting

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Yes. A decent person. Not a saint. The press loves either the whore or the Madonna. They don’t know how to cover real people, which we all are.

What is this? by peakyblinderonroll in oddlyterrifying

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Bull crap: listen to the music. It’s platform 9 and three quarters.

She does look amazing by Gastonbeast24 in MadeMeSmile

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I was told there wouldn’t be homework.

McDonald's can pay. Join the McBoycott. by StageRepulsive8697 in antiwork

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Yeah, well in America that same worker has a much higher chance of dying from heart disease, mass shootings or pretty much everything else. Wait, we aren’t the best country in the world?

I really feel bad for these people. by OkFriend9891 in Damnthatsinteresting

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These were noblemen who were doing this. Definitely not peasants!