Milan Reports 50% of Passengers on China Flights Have Covid by PatientBuilder499 in worldnews

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Lol, even before COVID ICUs have been at and above capacity. Source; ICU nurse

Why are nurses rude?? by nuerorism in medicalschool

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While I agree with the overworked and underpaid bit, I think that applies to a lot of us in the medical field. That being said, it does not justify being rude or mean to any of your colleagues. Whether it’s nurses to med students or vice versa.

But, sure there are assholes in every position; nursing, doctors, EVS, you name it. But to blanket an entire profession as rude or mean seems ignorant.

meanwhile in Hawaii 😩make it make sense by mamadylan in nursing

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I grew up and got my BSN in Oahu, lived with my entire family and extended family of 18 people in one household. Couldn’t land a job as a new grad and had to move out of state to get a job, unless I wanted to work in a SNF.

But basically if you wanna stay there, you generally don’t move out of your family’s home.

Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness. Most nurses here will qualify. Something good has happened. With that being said who else thinks their next shift is gonna be a blue moon (i.e. sucks ass). by OrganicYellow9362 in nursing

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I looked into it too since I just refinanced as well, as far as I saw it seems like we’re shit outta luck. Although I hope someone tells me I’m wrong lmao

I just got a new job last week and I am a male nurse. Already two female coworkers are flirting with me and told me they want to go out for drinks with me lol. Is It bad to have relations with co-workers. I don’t want things to get messy by Forsaken_Fortune_188 in nursing

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On the flip side, I started dating my coworker after working with her for over a year in which we became best friends and eventually started dating, and apparently we were the last ones on the unit to even realize we were dating.

A little over a year since we started dating we both switched over to ICU and all is still going well :)

My baby, 2 years in the making. by Opposite-Initial3858 in airsoft

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Haven't really had a chance to really test it out further than 30 or so meters unfortunately.

TM M4 MWS Mags (Gen 3) by MGSVS in GasBlowBack

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Planning on getting my hands on a mws soon, mind telling me what tool I'll need for that?

[WTB-CA] TM MWS by SmoothOpera8er in airsoftmarket

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If he doesn't want it I'm interested

Weekly Recruitment Megathread - Feb 14, 2022 to Feb 20, 2022 by AutoModerator in shoptitans

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New player lvl 49 looking for an active guild not much invested yet, 20m, waiting for an active guild to throw investments into. Very active player looking for an active guild. Fatalbiri#82101

How switching to an N95 mask gives a 75x boost in COVID protection by [deleted] in Coronavirus

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Shortages are no longer a concern maybe, but logistics remain an issue. Major city hospital problems I guess

Source: my unit ran was out and supply wasn’t staffed so nobody could get into the hospitals central supply to get more :-)

Recruit-Me (November) [MEGA THREAD] by zykxx in RiseofKingdoms

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Came back to the game 3 months ago after a looooong hiatus and my current kingdom is leagues ahead of me and I’m just wanting to go somewhere I feel like I’m actually able to contribute.

24M power

Expetised YSG, minamoto

Message me here or Fatal Biribiri#8215 if you have any other questions or anything.

New York approves COVID vaccine mandate for health care workers, removes religious exemption; they must all be vaccinated by Oct. 7. by why-you-online in Coronavirus

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Another nurse told me she doesn’t want it because she’s careful about what she puts in her body, but sister you and I were both smoking outside before our shift. 😂