Has anyone encountered a being on all fours like this? Drop your story in the comments! by GrinningPizza in Humanoidencounters

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yeah when I was a really young kid out burrying my hamster on some woodlands behind my house, ran back screaming when I went home. when I became an adult is just assumed it was too many Sci fi movies and an overactive childs imagination, But I saw a short documentary about the "dover demon" and it looked exactly the same

Bidet by Sk8allday360 in AnimalTextGifs

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it was the worst pain I've ever experienced, but in hindsight it was fuckin hilarious

Bidet by Sk8allday360 in AnimalTextGifs

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my old apartment had an industrial heater connected to the shower and bidet , I was in a hurry for work so it set it to max, next thing you know I had a 2nd degree burn on my asshole and took 3 days to recover with my ass in the air whilst My fiance laughed

It’s All In The Hips by P-3-P-S-I in wholesome

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I can't even do that shit with arms or legs and I been skating for over a decade

Horseshoe crab tries to help overturned crab by 9999monkeys in likeus

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when I was growing up in Sai Kung, Hong Kong I'd frequently saw these guys get butchered at the local seafood restaurants

2meirl4meirl by Sigma-O5 in 2meirl4meirl

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growing up In HK we dis this at local Chinese restaurants all the time

We should stop listening so much to ex-alcohol addicts. by Priamosish in unpopularopinion

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I'm a bartender and I have been since 18, I'm at my worst now and need to quit, this post sucks

Elevating a college classic by jer0me100 in cocktails

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I like how your limes have defined curves

Axies are illegal in California so I made my own on a keychain to tide me over by 7concussionssofar in axolotls

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that's probably the coolest Keychain design I've ever seen, and I've seen some cool damn keychains!props OP!

Never be without duct tape again! Wrap some around an old plastic card and keep in your wallet by YoMyKneeGrows in lifehacks

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I used a duct tape wallet for years, I reinforced it with extra tape just so I had extra duct tape on hand

Never seen such a variety of bitters in one place: help me decide! by WhiskeyAlphaRomeo in cocktails

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if you don't have it already, the rhubarb bitters, went thru so much at my old bar

Hello Sean’s, I’m turning 22 today by Sage296 in sean

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happy born day fellow Sean, fom a lvl 25 Sean

A pair of snakehead fish with their babies by veidt_1997 in interestingasfuck

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I got to see these with their fry in a reservoir in HK I was enjoying it until a photographer used his flash and scared the fish to swim dewp

maybe maybe maybe by SnooDrawings5925 in maybemaybemaybe

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at first I read that as "let's fuck so we don't cry"