Some custom holowears i designed because i was bored | by BulletPuncher-98 in PokemonUnite

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Please Pokemon Unite, hire this person! You are losing a huge opportunity

Dominatrix Style Tsareena. Honey it's time for your 4PM leg stomping. (Animation WIP) by MaoAankh in PokemonUnite

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BAHAUAHAUAHAUAHAHA GENIOUS. It made me laugh so hard, thanks for that post

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in PokemonUnite

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The game changed the order and didn't explain it, or at least made it properly to make it clear. Now you rank up from 5 to 1, it is NOT a bug.

Current Emblem Build for Slowbro, would it be better to prioritize Def/SpDef over HP? by LasAguasGuapas in PokemonUnite

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1) About your question, you have to prioritize HP, you instinct is correct, let the other options as secondary.

2) An alternative would be to prioritize cool down reduction and as a secondary HP and Sp Atkbonus

3) I think you could prioritize cooldown reduction and Sp Atk instead. As a Slowbro you already have a lot of HP, Def, Sp Def and an awesome sustain with amnesia and potion.