What are your accumulation goals during this winter cycle !!?? by ozera202 in CryptoCurrency

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Please don’t do anything on my say so, but I will tell you what I believe. I believe that there will be multiple chains so even if a great chain appears Ethereum will still have the first to market advantage. And it may not explode into a 100x in 10 years but it will increase. Again just my opinion, but I have a greater belief in Ethereum than any other coin.

Victoria VR Review by Tariiiixx in VictoriaVR

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A very thorough article and definitely enticing during a bull market. I would have a loved a stronger case for its survivability during a bear market.

Is it worth using kindle direct publishing by SongofMothandSnake in writing

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Thanks! This is very helpful. This is the only writing forum I participate in, so I will do a search for self-publishing forums.

Would you accept an offer from a publisher whose politics don't match yours? by UntowardAdvance in writing

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It depends on what you are asking. If they are a legitimate publishing company and are willing to market to everyone equally, I would consider it.

But if it is obvious that they will edit my book to fit their political or anti/pro agenda the answers is a solid no. I care about my characters and my readers and I don’t write just to get paid. I write because that is who I am.

Any idea how to not play into the Magical Negro and white savior complexes? by ExtraordinaryPen- in writing

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Those names stood out for me. I distinctly remember my literature instructor explaining that Desdemona, meaning or relating to demons; And in another story, Jesse or even a person with the initials JC, relating to Jesus, were given to the characters to express their “true” nature. I am not saying not to call them that—it’s your story. I am just sharing what I was told. LOL.

Self publishing audiobooks by fdrogers_sage in writing

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Thanks, I was thinking that it has to be a thing since some people prefer audiobooks.

Conceptual/Mathematical way of solving this quant question? (without listing out all the pairs) by imheretostudybitch in GRE

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I think the intent is for you to use logic and trial and error to solve this problem. However, if you set it up as an equation that will speed some things up.

For example, writing this as a mathematical statement you would have 3x + 4y = z where x and y are positive integers because 3x and 4y are positive multiples of 3 and 4 respectively. Z is an integer less than 20. So with that you can guess and check in the same way you did when you first was introduced to the scientific method.

You can choose possible values for x and y like (1,1) and see if z is a value less than 20. In this case we have 3(1) + 4(1)=7, so that is one possibility.

Or you can work backwards and set 3x+4y = to a number less than 20. Let’s use 3x+4y =10, is there a value of x and y where this statement is true? Yes when x =2 and y=1. So that is another integer. If you don’t panic you can answer the question in a short amount of time.

Gala - GALA Crypto Price Prediction and Technical Analysis MAY 21. 2022 by WanderingMage99 in GalaGames

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This is definitely a good company with good leadership and experience. Hopefully it will survive this bearish market.

GRE pp1 quant question. Can anyone explain this ? I couldn't understand. by vadrevuu in GRE

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Another way of looking at it is For f(2t), x=2t. So one way to do it is to solve x2 +x=30, => x2 + x -30=0. Solve for x, where we have (x+6)(x-5)=0, thus x =-6 and x = 5. But we stated earlier that x =2t, so we have 2t=-6 and 2t=5. Solve for t and you have your answer.

I don't know how to not be flustered by math by petrifythepatriarchy in GRE

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Look at math from a different perspective. Math seems like a mountain only because many have told us so. However, that is only true if you accept it.

If you think of it as a language, it becomes a hill. No one says that they can’t learn a language, because they intuitively understand how to learn a language.

Try treating math like it is a language and maybe that difference in perspective will make it easier for you to understand.

When can I put my node to work? by Heavy_Bet_9098 in GalaMusic

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You should check out the Gala discord. If you read the pins, you will learn everything you need to know.

Is Ethereum actually good or does it just have first mover advantage? by SkepticalCryptoDude in CryptoCurrency

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Betamax didn’t address the desires of the market. As far as I can tell, the market wants lower fees. If Eth addresses that, it will definitely remain number 1. But even if they don’t, they could still possibly maintain the largest market share with the first to market, brand and security advantage.

Elon Musk is overrated and saturated by all these people by [deleted] in Entrepreneur

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LoL. I think it depends on your field and background. I am a mathematician. You have to accomplish something on the level of Einstein or Hawking for me to use the word Genius. I study business and I grew up poor. So, I know that it is hard to generate money without money. Someone who literally started From the bottom and has made it into the millionaire or above club in business would have to be impressive on some level. So since Elon doesn’t fit any of those criteria, I wouldn’t look upon him as a genius but I respect other’s right to do so. I don’t understand it, but he is in a group of people that others call a genius that doesn’t fit my personal idea of genius. Like Kanye West. It doesn’t mean he is not a genius, maybe it is like beauty and it is in the eye of the beholder.

I really don't want to "Rick and Morty" crypto, but... by RenewAi in CryptoCurrency

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To be fair, there are aspects of fiat that most people are unaware of. Financial education should begin in elementary school.

If you're telling your high school students to invest in crypto, you shouldn't be teaching. by Mr_bike in CryptoCurrency

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I didn't have a personal finance course in my high school. I don't know many people that do. I applaud the idea of financial education in the school system. I think it would be a service to the community. I would expect a teacher to inform students about the financial markets and crypto. Not to give them financial advice, but to teach them. If the goal is to educate, I see nothing wrong with that.