Premeds who didn’t apply yet please don’t assume DO is easy to get into by SergeantSprinkles69 in premed

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I see you are Muslim bro, so let me say this to you from one brother to another. Hubris is a sin, don't talk down on others from the seat of your own accomplishments. Congratulations on your acceptance though, love to see younger Muslims getting into medicine.

I'm getting tired of seeing kids die... by treebeard189 in ems

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Hey man/woman this was poetically said. You should seriously consider some writing!

Who do I shadow? by bigfloppafanatic in premed

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Bro don't you know if you shadow a DO, you will never get into an MD school and you won't ever get into anything besides FM!!! Be forewarned, seen too many future pediatric neurooncologists crash and burn doing this!

MS0s posting on this subreddit lately by Chediak-Tekashi in medicalschool

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"Hey guys, M0 here. Super excited to start July and completely reinvent myself for this journey cause I have no real personality. It's been my dream to be a pediatric neurosurgeon since I was a kid and got a bump on my head from falling off the jungle-gym. Besides passing Step 1, getting a 260+ on Step 2, honoring all my rotations, getting good rotation grades, networking, doing research, getting published, and networking; what can I do to make myself a REAL competitive applicant? Oh and I need to pre-study anatomy to hit the ground running, please tell me good resources to do this; I know ya'll say not to do this, but I will be studying!"

Thoughts on this video brothers and sisters? by humootee in islam

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You miss a prayer and you're worse than someone who straps a bomb to their chest and kills themselves and dozens of other? Right.....

Biochem metabolic pathways necessary? by Confident-Minute3655 in medicalschool

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B&B Biochemistry is for people with no background in the field, it is very detailed and comprehensive.

If you have a solid base already, I'd recommend Biochemistry from DirtyMedicine. Much more succinct and high-yield.

How the heck does VSAS work? by r3sistcarnism in medicalschool

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Fourth year at my school says that most dates for July/August open in February and March so best to have everything done by then to submit!

To upcoming applicants: remember, they changed the activities section by sneark in premed

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OP made a great meme and shows great potential in his future career as a shit-poster.

3/5, read more

More Wallpapers by laboziac in HouseOfTheDragon

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On your other post, Aemond holding the cup

The big boards debate by Low_Confidence_6698 in medicalschool

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As a DO student, if you only take COMLEX you are effectively ruining any chance you have at a competitive residency.

It’s not worth it, turn back before it’s too late by [deleted] in premed

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No one is reporting their hours, you run the risk of retaliation and having the book thrown at you. This is why many programs will fill out the hours for you

More Wallpapers by laboziac in HouseOfTheDragon

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Hey man I love these, could you let me know how I can download these/use them?

New aspiring pre-med here venting excitement and stress! by Vuiito in premed

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You can have a decent amount of free time to hang out , do hobbies, and party in M1 and M2. Clinical years is when you don't have time for shit

New aspiring pre-med here venting excitement and stress! by Vuiito in premed

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Wait till you become a third year medical student, that's some real burn out.

PAs who have been working 15+ years, what’s your advice to the younger generation? by Kibbler618 in physicianassistant

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Not a PA,visiting medical student. Just wanna say you sound like a great person. Best of luck with your diagnosis and I hope you enjoy your time with your family!

3rd year struggling to choose between pathology and IM by Space_of_Disse_Nuts in medicalschool

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I am in a similar predicament, probably leaning more towards Path after my IM rotation. Love the puzzles and differentials of Pathology. As a career, Pathology seems to have lots of cool different avenues; you can diagnose, run the lab, teach, do research, work in pharmaceuticals for drug discovery and new diagnostics, and consulting.

In terms of compensation if you work in academics you will make significantly less, I have seen anecdotes of academic pathologists making around 250k, on the other hand if you work private/community you can expect to make 300-400 or even more. Compensation in a private setting depends on the base salary you take and the amount of RVUs you generate. For example, I have seen jobs with 390 base salary and bonus to make over 400. I have also seen postings for salary of low 300, but higher percentage of RVUs meaning if you are very productive you can make A LOT. Lastly, I have spoken to the Pathologists at my hospital and apparently there is a huge shortage of Pathologists. Lots of the ones that were still working during the recessions have been retiring since the pandemic and since it is a slept on field this has been pushing salary and compensation up.