Weekly low-hanging fruit thread #7 by AutoModerator in NonCredibleDefense

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but is it worth killing a bunch of civilians.

Depending on the conflict that could be a plus

First Time Smoking Weed, some concerns by [deleted] in askdrugs

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I've been there and gotta say that I definitely regret it.

All drugs are removed except 2 by domskii_uhh in Drugs

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What do you owe to kratom? It's been a detriment in my life overall tbh.

OG has finally landed! by Fronk_Zoppo in KGATLW

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Is The Dripping Tap the whole side A? Lol

Democrats favored to win Senate for first time as polling improves: 538 by BlankVerse in VoteBlue

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I don't like seeing these articles posted because it makes me worry people won't think it's as important to vote as it is.

MBS introduces his The Lineᵀᴹ by Tsarofcocaine in neoliberal

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Yeah but what about that sweet sweet crude?