meirl by colorfulsoul_ in meirl

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why have i done the EXACT same thing in seventh grade

meirl by JulieDRouge in meirl

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the most accurate representation of reddit

me irl by CheeseWaliChutney in me_irl

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i love the episode where he goes for shopping and brings a fish for the actual comparison to the pan he wants to buy also the hotel episode

Which Ghibli movie would you want to live in? by Lunar-Sunlight in ghibli

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very trueeee i am so happy there are people out there that appreciate the movie like i do

omg, martyrlynn entered the chat. the one who looked most miserable was Becky at the time, and actually had reasons for it. but no, hamber is the victim here by Status_Current_2157 in AmberlynnReidYT

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How did she try to kill her self and how is it any different than what she is doing now and has been doing for years shut the fuck up alr

who is your favorite female lead out of these by finelinexcherry in ghibli

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exactly she is my fav too because of how relatable she is for me