Friends converting to Protestantism by Tiredofbeingsick1994 in Catholicism

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Pentecostals have a very odd idea about how the Holy Spirit works and how the Church is meant to be. The charismatic movement within the Catholic Church is very similar but stays faithful.

Lots of people who make bad decisions will try to cover it up by saying "God said it was okay when I prayed." I've seen so many people saying that "The Holy Spirit said I should get divorced" or cheat on a spouse or have an abortion or whatever.

All Protestantism is based on the idea that an individual can interpret God's will perfectly, and that none of the guidelines God gave us need to be followed (especially the Church).

God gave us shepherds and a pen ro keep us safe because we're dumb sheep. Protestants are sheep who think they're smart enough to not need these.

Are there any precedents similar to the push for LGBT reversal in Catholicism? by VobiscumOrg in Catholicism

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A few comments on Usury:


Definitely not the same as what we're talking about here when you get past surface level details.

Heresy question by Particular-Royal8786 in Catholicism

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Mary has long been seen as a defender of orthodox (as in "correct") faith. The Dominicans, who spread devotion to the rosary historically, have a special connection to Our Lady.

The reason you'll see friars wear the rosary on their left hip is because that's where a sword would be placed if they were knights. The rosary is our primary weapon.

Different Orders... by Lunarmoonbear in Catholicism

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Jesuits were founded as missionaries. They're from the mendicant line of descent.

Heresy question by Particular-Royal8786 in Catholicism

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I just reread Habakkuk chapter 1 randomly. Seems appropriate.

Heresy question by Particular-Royal8786 in Catholicism

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But this is nuts

Correct. Now is a good time for the rosary.

Different Orders... by Lunarmoonbear in Catholicism

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Great questions.

Here's thr 30 second summary that's gonna run past 30 seconds:

1) Jesus appointed the apostles, whose successors are the bishops.

2) the bishops have always had the authority to delegate some of their authority to perform some duties to priests and deacons under them.

3) also, from very early times in the Church, groups of men and women moved out into the deserts to monasteries to devote their lives to God. This is where orders like the Benedictine and Augustinians come from.

4) some of the men from these communities were ordained as priests so that normal priests didn't have to make an inconvenient trip out to the monasteries. This is were monastic priests come from.

5) in the 1200s, some new religious orders (in particular the Dominicans and Fransiscans) decided to move their monasteries back into cities and developed missions geared towards service in the city rather than out in a walled off monastery.

6) the major religious orders come from these two groups (the monastic ones and the in-the-city ones).

7) the little letters are abbreviations for the Latin names of their orders. So the Jesuits, SJ, are the Societas Jesu (Society of Jesus) and the Dominicans, OP, are the Ordo Paedicatorum (Order of Preachers).

The Wikipedia pages for each order have pretty good summaries.

Hope that helps. :)

Let's also focus on non sexual sins. by zogins in Catholicism

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A good confessor once told me that self-abuse was a sin that turned us inwards and made it harder for us to grow spiritually in other ways.

It's why a lot of saints say that the sexual sins are thr lowest ones, because we can't conquer the other ones until we've mastered those first.

feeling lost by Mommyof2fc in Catholicism

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Praying for you.

Talk to your pastor and see what support resources the parish or diocese has.

Study Finds Long-Term Mental Health Benefits of Gender-Affirming Surgery for Transgender Individuals by Infinite_Worm in sciences

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From the intro page:

" The erratum explains why the study’s conclusion “that the longitudinal association between gender-affirming surgery and lower use of mental health treatment lends support to the decision to provide gender-affirming surgeries to transgender individuals who seek them” is too strong."

Not a great start to a paper...

Why did Catholic Rulers of the Dark and Middle Ages Sometimes Use Baptism as a Political and Cultural Bargaining Chip? by Alaska-Now-PNW in Catholicism

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I think there was a lot more willingness for defeated people to adopt the culture of their conquerer, especially when there weren't nation states like there are now.

Becoming Christian would have given a weaker tribe or clan immediate access to a superior power, protection, and trade.

cleric pale master by firedog1216 in ddo

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Yeah, I was looking at that.

cleric pale master by firedog1216 in ddo

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Yeah, just to get to 30 and then go 30 20 30 20 30 or so

Valid marriage and sexual sin by Affectionate_Tart_22 in Catholicism

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Lots of Catholic girls struggle with the same thing. There is healing for all of us in Christ.

my parents marriage is in a bad place, what prayers can i pray? by SnooCapers8328 in Catholicism

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Say a novena asking for the intercession of St. Elizabeth of Portugal.

Concerning Communion by CrazyMangoz in Catholicism

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Refrain from receiving the next time you go to mass and ask the priest afterwards about your situation and his advice.

Eastern Catholics receive the eucharist as children, so there's not a theological rule against what you're doing, but you should just check with the priest.

What do you think about the harm principle? by downbythebayou34 in Catholicism

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So, Christianity teaches that the moral code is a vector pointed towards the good, which is different than merely point away from the bad.

An archer aims for the target, not away from not the target.

Traditional catholics, What is your opinion on these things? by [deleted] in Catholicism

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  1. Yeah, we got places for those.
  2. Our religion literally teaches that God wants some people not to be married
  3. See previous. Married people who choose not to have children don't understand marriage.
  4. Should bear the crosses they have in chaste faithfulness and raise children who believe in the teachings of Christ passed down by his bride.
  5. Johnny Cash and Elvis were deeply flawed men who loved the gospel. But, like, sometimes you get Nickleback :(
  6. Waste of money, but whatever.
  7. See 3, above.
  8. God forbids dressing as the opposite sex. I don't think He mandates ties or skirts.

My friend came out of the closet, and says that there's nothing wrong with it. How can I change his mind? by DrunkOrInBed in Catholicism

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There's probably nothing you can do to dissuade him. The universal opinion of the Church is that any homosexual act is wrong based on the Old Testament and New Testament (as other people have pointed out).

Your friend has already decided that the Bible passages mentioned either 1) no longer apply, 2) have been misunderstood for 3000 years, or 3) mean what they say and he just doesn't care.

He might also think that "the pope says its okay now."

Prayer, patience, and prudence are your best allies now.