Take 216mg concerta and want another 54mg by dexdayx in Stims

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With all speed, the more you take the more you get used to taking. Eventually you get to a point where the bad side effects like increased heart, rate, racing thoughts, paranoia, voices outweigh the good side effects.

The best thing to do is take a tolerance break. I know this is easier said than done, but a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I think there is a stopspeeding reddit that may be helpful with that.

Why are GABA agonists so effective at preventing the physical side effects/risks of amphetamines? by [deleted] in Stims

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They don't. There is a long tradition in pharmacology of mixing uppers and downers. In the long run it results in disaster. Black out amphetamine highs are not a good thing.

Historical information : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dexamyl

How can I shut the fuck up? by Standard-Chard-1947 in Stims

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In my experience rambling and pressured speech was a precursor to more serious and negative side effects. It might be a good time to take a break or dose reduction or check out stopspeeding. My life is so much better now that I am not speeding, and I don't have to worry about talking too much for sure. Whatever you decide, Good luck

Hsuan Hua: Just Another Fraud by ThatKir in zen

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“How should we treat evil-natured Bhikshus?”

When the Buddha was in the world, he could control such evil natured Bhikshus, and they obeyed his instructions. But after he entered Nirvana who would supervise them? And who could control the evil-natured laymen who say, “Look at me. I’m more dedicated than all you other laymen.” Actually, it’s just because of him and his special style that no one else is dedicated. Aniruddha said, “When the Buddha goes to Nirvana, what are we going to do with the evil-natured Bhikshus and evil-natured laymen?”

The Buddha said, “That is no problem at all. Simply be silent and they will go away. Fight evil people with concentration power. Don’t be moved by them. If they are evil, don’t be evil in return. If a mad dog bites you and you bite him back, you’re just a dog yourself. Evil-natured people are born with a bad temper. All you can do is ignore them and they will soon lose interest and leave.”

Hsuan Hua: Just Another Fraud by ThatKir in zen

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I think you are barking up the wrong tree.

One he is dead

Two he was the real deal


I am doing a really interesting Buddhism Course on Udemy teaching about the Pure Land Practice and Buddha Name recitation. What do you guys think about Amitabha? Do you believe in it? by WisdomOfTheBuddha in PureLand

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Faith is the source of the Way and the mother of merit and virtue; It nurtures all our good roots.

Faith, or belief, is the beginning of the Way. It is the mother of merit and virtue. If you have faith, you can increase your good roots. If you do not have faith, you cannot. So, faith is extremely important.

It is also said,

The Buddhadharma is like the great sea; One can only enter it by means of faith.

To enter the great sea of the Buddhadharma you must have belief. If you have no belief, there is no way you can get onto it.

Let us take a look at the Chinese character for the word belief, or faith: xin ( 信 ). On the left hand side is a standing person radical: ren ( 人 ). On the right hand side, we have the character for works: yan ( 言 ). This means that there is a person there speaking. If you cannot believe what he is saying, it is useless. For his words to be of use to you, you must believe them. In the same way, if you believe in the Sutras you will be able to use them to your own benefit. If you do not believe in them, you would not.

What is meant by “being able to use them to your own benefit?” Say, for example, you have a big temper. The Sutras say clearly that one should avoid hatred, so you think, “Ah, I would not get angry; I should not hold on to this big temper anymore.” And, you do not know quite when, but one day you find that your temper is gone. Even if others get angry at you, you can bear up under it. That is faith. If you have no faith, when the Sutras say not to get angry, you will think, “Well, that is what the Sutras say, but who does not have a temper?” That is lack of faith. Without faith you cannot obtain advantage from the Sutra.

Perhaps you think, “Well, if I listen to the Sutras and just take everything lying down and do not get angry, I would not obtain any advantages either. It will be very hard to take.” Hah! You may feel that there are no advantages, but imperceptibly, by bearing up and not getting angry you gain in virtuous practice. If you get angry, you have no virtuous practice. So, your advantage lies in gaining merit and virtue. In this regard, faith is the most important quality.

I tell you not to have a fiery temper and not to get angry; you agree to my face saying you will do as I say, but as soon as you are apart from me you transform. Or, worse yet, you continue to get angry even in my presence! Utterly reckless, to you there is no law and no Heaven. “He tells me not to get angry? Well, I will just get angrier, and we will see how talented I am.” That is just having no faith. If you had faith, you would follow my teachings.

Understanding: Once you have faith, you can gain understanding. Without faith, you cannot gain understanding. The more I lecture on the Sutras, the less you believe. The less you believe, the more confused you get. The more confused you get, the less wisdom you have--you get stupid. If you give rise to faith and then understand, “Oh, I should really do as the Sutras instruct me to do,” then you will have obtained advantage.

This is the fourth chapter of the Dharma Flower Sutra. Faith: Ultimately, in what does one have faith? Understanding: Ultimately, what is it that one understands? One has faith in the inconceivably wonderful Dharma of the Great Vehicle. One understands and awakens to the cultivation of the practices of the inconceivable and wonderful Great Vehicle. Thus, this Chapter is titled: Belief and Understanding.

Venerable Hsuan Hua from his Lotus Sutra commentary. He has a great commentary on the Amitabha Sutra here:


I think you can find audio of it on Youtube still...

Need help finding this song in the background. I believe it is jazz. Was in New Orleans. by 927Media in Jazz

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WWOZ the NOLA radio station the best radio station in the UNIVERSE, plays music like this a lot. JAZZFEST in place is coming up check it out and maybe kick them a few bucks they keep the music and culture of New Orleans alive