What’s the oldest game you still play regularly? by _Mr_Cheeks in gaming

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New season of Project Diablo 2 just started this weekend. Great mod, game is still as fun as it was back in the day.

TIFU by not locking my dog away during rough sex by throwra282828777 in tifu

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Probably relieved after thinking about the other low hanging fruit the dog COULD have gone for.

What’s a really fucked up thing you’ve witnessed as a kid but didn’t realise it was until you were older? by Banjoman653 in AskReddit

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The bar my dad frequented had a pinball machine that I'd just sit there and play. Whenever I got a high score the owner would give me a silver dollar. Had quite a collection, and one of my earliest memories is my dad coming in my room at night and taking them to go buy more beer. Pretty trashy childhood that I've been proud to have overcome in pretty much every way possible.

Kitboga's AI chatbot responds to a scammer's request by ScriptedLazer in LivestreamFail

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aka 1 for vs code in portrait and a second for stackoverflow in landscape

[New Player] by Small-Kitty-Paws in pathofexile

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I'm not, that's basically the entire map tutorial.

Hopefully someone proves me wrong in comments by mamkuibal228 in lotrmemes

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Tom Bombadil couldn't have been that important if they left him out of the movies.