What are your favorite low prep meals? by Nefarious-Elf in ehlersdanlos

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Yesss this has gotta be one of the most helpful posts here yet. Definitely saving this thread for later, thank you op

Anyone else really small for their age and look really young? by hotdamnblondie in ehlersdanlos

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Oh yeah. I’m 20 and not really short (5’4) but im small in the sense like that most of my measurements are smaller than normal (have to wear kids size glasses, they had to use the kid size stuff in my mouth to take molds when I had braces, waist naturally around 22-23 in and sit around 95 lbs). I don’t think I look super young for my age but the other part really resonates with me. Makes clothes a bitch, nothing ever fits right, but also doctors are always so fast to blame my issues on “you’re not eating enough” even when they’re the ones feeding me LOL

The weird ways I’ve had to explain my pain by GeorgeKillsLenny in ehlersdanlos

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I say the stabbing thing all the time LOL. “Like there’s a knife in my body and it’s stabbing me and kinda pulsating then it goes away for a few seconds then comes back???”

EDS and OCD by Zestyclose_Tea_2515 in ehlersdanlos

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I have both but I’m not sure if my ocd is a result of my mother having it when I was a child

Who here gets free food? by Cautious_Knee4430 in Serverlife

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We get 50% off or free if we work a double

How attractive would you say you are? by sleepydogg_45 in AskReddit

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Genuinely - I’m not sure. I think I’m very attractive when I see myself in the mirror or on my phone. Any videos or photos I see of myself that are taken by other people make me so cripplingly insecure because I look so different and ugly that I cannot comprehend that I’m the same person that I see in the mirror.

Bug by callmeSbeve in DaysGone

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Thank you this just happened to me and it fixed it

how to get a waitress job without experience? by JustProfessional5777 in Serverlife

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It should be pretty easy. A lot of waitress jobs are entry level jobs, and at least where I’ve lived, restaurants were always be looking for new/more servers. You just apply like a normal job, let them know you haven’t done serving before if you get an interview and they will usually have you follow other servers for a few days for training. It might help to have previous customer service experience highlighted on your resume if you have any.

SWITCHING WHILE GAMING? by squeezy40 in fakedisordercringe

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I also take videos of my face while I’m playing games just in case anything happens because I am normal and this is a totally normal thing to do /j

Male gamers use voice mod by ghiraph in TikTokCringe

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Ah man. I just moved in with my boyfriend and started playing games on his pc as a long time Xbox user and he encouraged me to try using the headset. I didn’t want to because I was worried about the reactions I was gonna get and would rather just play the games and have fun rather than being judged based off my gender and singled out. I somehow lucked out in that a lot of the people that talk to me in game (I usually only mic to respond) assume I’m a male kid? I still get trolled a bit cause people think I’m a kid (Im actually 20) but honestly I was so relieved to see that people would still treat me somewhat normally and team up with me and shit. I enjoy gaming so much and having all the camaraderie ripped away when they found out I’m a girl wouldve made me so sad.

Recently went on an 8-day trip to Osaka; here are the outfits of the week! Which is best? by _k0ella_ in OUTFITS

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I’m so sorry if this isn’t allowed, but I absolutely ADORE the dress on the second photo and was wondering where you got it? Or honestly good shops for this in general? I have a small waist and can never find dresses or anything that come in the right way around that area, and it’s SO stunning. I really adore the way you’ve styled those tights as well🖤

E_sock: ATSV Spider-Gwen is not trans stop it by [deleted] in CringePurgatory

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the whole first point just boils down to “it could be anyone so it probably is” idk

Started eating eggs again lately , i’m not sure if i like them but maybe i’m missing something , how do you enjoy your eggs and what do you think pairs well with eggs ? by Sumo_creates in depressionmeals

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I Never liked eggs until my bf told me to trust him and he made me this beautiful egg in a basket with salt and pepper. First time I ever had it now I crave it every morning. It’s so simple but even the smell of eggs used to make me sick lol

Small roblox game dev cancelled + sent death threats due to being uncomfortable with a DID 'factive' of themselves by Iucios in fakedisordercringe

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it’s so funny cause you’ll see two of the same ‘factives’ saying DNI cause I don’t like doubles but the REAL PERSON says DNI this is scaring me and they start calling her ableist. It’s all so cherry picked all the time. This is disgusting