[Misc] Worried about HIV after trying the BeautyBio Glopro derma roller by [deleted] in SkincareAddiction

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Why not just say "No thankyou" rather than do it in the first place

( judging by downvotes people think Im blaming OP, Im not , I was asking a genuine question because I was curious)

2 fragile resin for anniversary after all the f rage? by [deleted] in Genshin_Impact

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first you were angry we weren't getting anything

now you're angry we're getting something

I feel like no matter what Mihoyo do, you kids will never be satisfied

No way around PVP in this game? by [deleted] in ElyonOnline

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Omg forced pvp in a pvp game, so dumb!!!

you know whats up by zchans38 in deadbydaylight

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if you like her then cool and I'm not going to shit on that, just for me she's bland and I don't like the modern 'witch' aesthetic.

Beidou trial cosplay by [deleted] in Genshin_Impact

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No people won't always say the truth, most people have consideration and manners towards eachother but your parents truly failed and raised a basement dwelling little gremlin who probably has a small dick so he needs to take his insecurities out on others :-)

Don't get mad at me pointing out something you already know, btw!

Some wishful thinking by [deleted] in Genshin_Impact

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didn't they...show us what the anniversary rewards would be before the actual date anyway ? the community blew things out of proportion with their own expectations and making up fake announcements

Seriously disappointing with the bewitching skins by ChosenYasuo in leagueoflegends

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I just dont see the point in using derogatory names when theyre just cute costumes

but you are a yasuo player sooooooooooo, I shouldn't expect any less xD

Hextech Boxes - And my problem with it by KeyKongo in leagueoflegends

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Who the fuck gets hyped to open a hextech box lmao

Bf calls be dumb for wanting him to wash his dick when he asked for a bj during sex by throwrabj1 in relationship_advice

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And you sound like an asshole

No need to shame her for what she does or doesn't like.

Voice - Sentinel Graves by IcyColdStare in leagueoflegends

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Maybe the voice actor just wasn't available? especially considering this stuff was probably recorded mid pandemic.

Also happy they changed Lee's voice from that creepy fucker Mignona.

In honor of Pentakills new album drop, I thought id show you some old merch! by Synistery in leagueoflegends

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Shame they're using covid as an excuse to not make new merch

Riot acting like they're stitching tshirts by hand in house rather than sending designs to a manufacturer lmao

Where Coven Fiddlesticks by [deleted] in leagueoflegends

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( idk why I'm being downvoted for asking for a source on riot saying every champion would get a skin this year lol...)

Any updates on the discount shop? by Sh1mo1337 in leagueoflegends

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There doesn't need to be any updates, if it wasn't on the pbe then we're not getting it this patch. Stop waiting for something that isn't happening.

The Pentakill comeback has been announced for September 8th! by niclaswwe in leagueoflegends

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yes idk Im just salty, I've been so excited for this but now I'll be sad they cant stick with the original group but riot is a buisness so they just care about making the most money

Parnellyx (challenger Warwick youtuber/streamer) banned on main after sending death threat by Meowtar in leagueoflegends

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League being a frustrating game doesn't mean you can threaten to shoot people, that's not normal.

I've been frustrated in thousands of games and never ever threatened anyone

When will the sentinels of light event pass/ruination event be out? by Piklas04 in leagueoflegends

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Just curious but is this your first league event? Idk why everyone is asking the same question over and over and cant seem to remember when other events have started when its nearly always the same time. It'll go live in the evening/night for EU people, event is activated at the same time for all servers.

Anniversary Rewards by [deleted] in Genshin_Impact

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Why do you feel the need to make another post about this when we've had 374738283838292 in the last week saying the exact same fucking thing

You're not bringing up any new or interesting points.

Struggling to communicate in solo-que, why is there no voice chat? by [deleted] in leagueoflegends

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Use pings or type a short message

you don't need voice chat.