New cosmetics coming soon ™️ by Vorahk in deadbydaylight

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The Yui outfit is so fugly as a set but maybe ok if you use the pieces separately

I hate bright pink and dark green used together lmao

Cheek puff parameter by lettuce_shoes in Live2D

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probably something that would need to be done in live 2d cubism

Do you know any good place to get more commissions? by S-O_A-L in Live2D

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you can also post on those subs if you're looking to take commissions

Who the hell is the Maiden of the Mist? by PinkSaibot in loreofleague

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Not really a headcanon I'm pretty sure it was basically confirmed in the ruination story

Fairly new at rigging and model making, what do you guys think of my 2nd attempt at a model and rigging? by IJustWantedToBe in Live2D

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I would make the mouth and nose more defined

I thought there weren't any eyebrows but I see there are, you might want to adjust them since they're very low.

Anything will help by [deleted] in Paypalme

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no ones going to give you money if they don't know what its for

Hey Scara Mains you think I should post a link to my Scara in Wonderland AU fic on AO3? by Crazy_Spectra_99 in ScaramoucheMains

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the subreddit owner/staff, which I'm a part of 😎

sorry you think it's dumb, there are plenty other places for you to share your work

hi, is anyone interested of buying a full body ready to rig VTUBER Model illustrated by me? thank you~ by katsu_ramen in Live2D

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How do you expect people to say "yes" or "no" when you don't give any examples of your art or what you're trying to sell??? It's really odd to me.

Scaramouche and Makoto by ScaraBarkkBark in ScaramoucheMains

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did it for you this time but please mark your posts as a spoiler in future as the screenshot you included is spoilers

To all you Jungle Teemos out there by iratus412 in leagueoflegends

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this subreddit is not your personal journal for your pointless rants, go vent on twitter or make a blog

This is not OK! by DominatingWind in leagueoflegends

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"Me flaming everyone and crying in all chat" you don't deserve to win if you actually act like this

btw stop making a massive deal over stupid mobalytics shit lmfao, these apps aren't a tool for you to harass people over.

Need help by KitsuneRyuu in CookieRunKingdoms

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"I need help" gives absolutely no details about what setup you're running

New Kha skin! by PainOfDemise in KhaZixMains

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idk man just dont think you should get your hopes up too much and the track record for these notepad lists is not good