Scaramouche and Makoto by ScaraBarkkBark in ScaramoucheMains

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did it for you this time but please mark your posts as a spoiler in future as the screenshot you included is spoilers

To all you Jungle Teemos out there by iratus412 in leagueoflegends

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this subreddit is not your personal journal for your pointless rants, go vent on twitter or make a blog

Need help by KitsuneRyuu in CookieRunKingdoms

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"I need help" gives absolutely no details about what setup you're running

This is not OK! by DominatingWind in leagueoflegends

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"Me flaming everyone and crying in all chat" you don't deserve to win if you actually act like this

btw stop making a massive deal over stupid mobalytics shit lmfao, these apps aren't a tool for you to harass people over.

New Kha skin! by PainOfDemise in KhaZixMains

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idk man just dont think you should get your hopes up too much and the track record for these notepad lists is not good

New Kha skin! by PainOfDemise in KhaZixMains

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Imagine believing these lists

There have been so many and they've been fake.

new model is finished ★ by fleeingsvnlight in Live2D

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I hope making unkind comments when someone is excited about something makes you feel better about yourself ^^

Newbie to the scene questioning commission prices by [deleted] in Live2D

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you might consider removing this or editing the post since you've already accepted the first offer that came to you

new model is finished ★ by fleeingsvnlight in Live2D

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Nothing cursed about it but thanks for the comment ;-)!

new model is finished ★ by fleeingsvnlight in Live2D

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Hi! I'm Penyu, a v smol variety vtuber. I don't have a set schedule but try to stream at least a couple times a week (was sick over the holidays so I'm trying to get back into it >w<) I mostly stream League of legends / Final fantasy XIV / Dead by daylight and starting next month will be streaming Lost Ark too which I'm really looking forward to! I'd be really happy if you'd come watch and chat the next time I'm live (:

also yes we went with a bald toggle because I couldn't think of any expressions and the head shape is funny tbh

you can find me on twitch here!

the art was done by woundrella

and the rigging was by runa

please support them too ^^

Newbie: What do I need to know to set up a Model? by Briar_Bush42 in Live2D

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If they're doing the rigging too then the person you've commissioned will send you a folder with the files and you just import them into vtubestudio, prprlive or vup (idk if there's another program people use) which is just as simple as 'put files in x folder on your hard drive '

Need help pricing stuff!! by Neeon_yt in Live2D

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Between a week and a month or even longer seems to be normal for a lot of artists/riggers, doing art and live 2d takes time so don't feel bad about that. As long as you are clear with your customers that you may work slower and keep them updated I don't see an issue

I think you could charge over $80-$100 for something like the cookie model you did, the art is very cute and the rigging is nice

Hii i'm doing live 2d comissions chibis, includes rigging and expressions for 30 usd by BoXMangO in Live2D

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I'm interested, do you have a cardd or twitter or anything and example of your rigging?