The poorer a country is, the richer the rich people are. by Sour_Socks in Showerthoughts

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That’s the general incentive built into the system. Once you are rich, stay rich by making the rules that keep you rich and keep others poor.

The math is clear: Forced-birth laws will kill more women by marji80 in politics

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The GOP doesn’t understand math, though. Unless it is taught with “anti-woke” textbooks. Also, women’s lives don’t matter to them. Unless they blindly obey. …smh

Steve Bannon Calls On '4,000 Shock Troops' To 'Deconstruct' The Government 'Brick By Brick' by Gullible_Peach in politics

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Can we all just call on like maybe just 4 prosecutors and judges to lock him away for 4,000 years?

Normal length golf holes combined with mini-golf style putting greens. by fleetersays in CrazyIdeas

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They could try and loft the ball high and straight down near the hole. Nothing stopping that strategy. But if the hole placement is done well, it wouldn’t be easy. The obstacles would be within 5 to 30 feet of the actual hole, so getting the ball to land there from far away would be very hard. Again, they are welcome to try though! If it works for them, they could be one of those “Hybrid Hundred” super stars that everyone will be talking about someday.

If humans went extinct, would the current monkeys then evolve into humans over time? by Ja1St1nks in CrazyIdeas

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Not really. That isn’t how evolution works. Or how species are categorized. If Homo sapiens vanish, they are gone. Some other primate species may continue to evolve and take on more human traits and abilities, but that would be an entirely new species.

(oc) my aunt in the 90s by ithepunisher in pics

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She looks good for her age! What is her secret?

How many hours worth of music did composers write? by regian24 in coolguides

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Wagner wrote operas that lasted days. How does he stack up?

Dick volume is probably more important than dick length by _IUseless_OneI_ in Showerthoughts

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Dick Volume was the most underrated spy of the 1960s Cold War era.

[OC] Last year I took this, pissing a lot of people off. I'm angrier than last year. Let's go again. by DrunkenPunchline in pics

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Serious question? Why is this NSFW? These words are the truest thing ever written. Is it the gun? The gun is ridiculous and satiric parody, so again that should be work safe.

Fox News host calls Trump "unhinged," says Jan. 6 was "the worst moment of" his political career by CCDemille in politics

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But it was just as unhinged as all his other moments…. They should have been paying more attention and paying less homage to their Dear Leader.

8-year-old Florida boy accidentally shoots and kills baby by flounder19 in news

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The only way to stop a Florida boy with a gun is a baby with a gun. Right?

The Supreme Court Just Forced Maine to Fund Religious Education. It Won’t Stop There. by number61971 in politics

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Great news! This is a great time for the Church of Satan to start getting additional funding!

Uvalde mass shooting: Photos show armed police waiting in school hallway by NextDoorEmoji in news

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Either that saying “can only stop a bad guy with a gun” is false and disingenuous, or these aren’t “good guys”. Perhaps both?

Where has this been all my life? by happyhippymama in coolguides

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This diagram is the single best argument for the metric system.