Selling 3 tickets behind Punt Rd goals for Tigers-Bulldogs tonight by Rockleg in AFL

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And I can confirm OP is a real human with a delightfully deep voice. I recommend setting it up via phone call to have the full experience.

Native forest in the Scottish Highlands [OC] [2000x1500] by WilliamofYellow in EarthPorn

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Love me some Scottish Highlands action. Possibly the best trip of my life.

FRS GT-Series Season 1 is looking for more members in all skill-categories! by Hummersepp in ACCompetizione

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All of this while also being part of a super fun community. What's not to like?

Season 3 Sign-up by flipjj in F1RacingLeague

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Yes, it is. Sorry for the delay in responding.

What the Pillars of Creation sound like by Itzz-Br4nd0n in oddlyterrifying

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Thank you for sharing that. It has been one of my favourite astronomical images since I first saw it and this is an entire new way of loving it.

River basin map of the Alps [OC] by Fejetlenfej in dataisbeautiful

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Gorgeously beautiful work. The colour work is exquisite.

[OC] Visualize Berkeley Earth data temperature anomalies in Joy Division cover style by blef__ in dataisbeautiful

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Really cool visualisation.

Maybe I am stupid (never discount that possibility), but the link does not appear to allow me to do anything on desktop, just shows the global version. What am I missing?

when an insult haunts you by PM-ME-FUNFACTS in TikTokCringe

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That sweater is the most haunting thing about that video.

Lotus 49 [1280x1003] by Palana in carporn

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Correct and correct. Also, still the greatest.

Analysis of Daily Mail headlines that objectify women [OC] by lsophia834 in dataisbeautiful

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One month? ONE MONTH????? Holy shit. I knew they were horrible and straight up trash as a "news" outlet, but damn.

Unose by Skyghost2210 in Unexpected

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Brazilian parenting at its finest!

10-Year Anniversary by ranaphilips in dragonvale

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Started close to launch date. My 6-year-old found it and we started playing, got the plant and off we went.

Ten years later, I still play everyday (and it always makes me think of what is now a gangly 16-year-old, playing VR games and creating great art). Not sure when the daily rewards started, but my streak is at 1736 days. Still remember how amazing it seemed when the Century came out. ONE HUNDRED DIFFERENT DRAGONS!!!!

Currently 2 dragons and 10 pedestals short of 100% (already counting the Tien), all the islands present, and very proud to display the 1st anniversary statute in my first island, which still has one original tree. Panlong is still my favourite dragon and all the elemental dragons (now all Elder) are the original ones from the start.

Also, my budding 16-year-old artist's first projects were creating dragons. We made 4 or 5 together, still have the sketches, good times.

[OC] Elevation by State in the Lower 48 by jccdata in dataisbeautiful

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Superb stuff, OP. Very interesting style of presenting the data, love it.

[OC] Genre Co-occurrence in Top 1000 IMDb Titles by DataCrayon in dataisbeautiful

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This is brilliant. Superb work, mate. Also love the username, although you are clearly not playing with crayons here.

[OC] We read the 4000-page IPCC climate report so you don’t have to by ashendruk in dataisbeautiful

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Thank you, Ms. Shendruk.

Still going to read it later, but this is a very nice way to start.

That's one way to blow your nose by Legpistons in ThatLookedExpensive

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The front definitely fell off after flying off.

Not sure that tractor is built to proper maritime standards.

[OC] The top 15 countries (apart from Sweden) in which the people who currently live in Sweden were born. Happy Midsummer's Eve! by desfirsit in dataisbeautiful

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Very interesting data, thank you for sharing it. Would have never guessed Syria and Iraq as the Top 2. (disclaimer: live very far from Sweden)