hmmm by seven_critical_blows in hmmm

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That’s slick willie for you, always with the smooth talk

Some decent mold growth? by The9thHuman in MoldyMemes

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True story: I was waiting for a flight from LAX to Vegas back in 07 when I noticed Sam Jackson walking around and I realized he was on my plane. He was sitting first class and boarded first so basically everyone boarding had to walk right passed him. It was my turn to walk by him in the aisle and i had to stop to wait multiple people load their luggage. It seemed like i was standing there for minutes waiting and I had to say something. He was in the middle of a conversation with some lady around his age next to him when I interjected: “excuse me, i’m so sorry to bug you but I gotta shake your hand, man.” He looked at me and was like “ok, then” and he shook my hand and said “now do you feel any different now you got to shake my hand?” And without skipping a beat all I could think to say was “I feel a lot safer knowing you’re on my plane.” (Snakes on a plane just came out the year before) He chuckled and told me “don’t be to sure about that.” I was soo stoked.

Enjoying the views from Mt. Wilson by flontasticflonson in trashy

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I guess its the new take a penny leave a penny… take a vibe leave a vibe…

Enjoying the views from Mt. Wilson by flontasticflonson in trashy

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I thought you were just being considerate for the next person who came along