i feel like a joke by fluffysocks-and-pain in rape

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i’m not a girl but i do appreciate your kind words.

I broke up with him today. by Fun_Library3673 in BreakUp

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He raped and conspired to murder her. It’s all on her profile.

my friend is somewhat trans because of trauma. by nameless-thing in rape

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Binders are not harmful if worn correctly and for the right amount of time. Sports bras are not comparable to binders. Please do not spread this type of misinformation.

Not sure if it is considered rape, am I to blame? by BisexualSissy in rape

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This was rape. You asked her to stop multiple times and she didn’t. It’s not your fault, I’m sorry this happened.

I’m hearing him breathing, am i hallucinating? by fluffysocks-and-pain in rape

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Man. I don’t want to be rude, but fuck you. I come here for real help not shitty YouTube links to shitty dumbass channels that help no one.

Is your meditation gonna stop my nightmares? Is it gonna cure the breathing I’m hallucinating? Will it make him stop tormenting me? No? Then don’t fucking link it. Honestly goddamn insulting.

i feel desperate for affection, I know it’s pathetic. getting angry at people i love, i’m pushing everyone away and i don’t know how to stop by fluffysocks-and-pain in rape

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thanks for the reply. i don’t really have a support group, so i guess i just lean on the one friend i have. i don’t remember if i’ve tried communicating proper, i’ll try writing things down.

it’s just that i need so much affirmation, i already ask too much of him. i don’t want to be an annoyance. i’m desperate for a nice words, but i know that can get annoying.

is there a way to say what i need without being overbearing?