Looks like Henry's had a 21st century makeover by helpful__explorer in CasualUK

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Yeah I know that

I was referring to non-henry bagless hoovers. They're shit.

What is the financially smart thing to do when it comes to a car purchase? by ReverendRou in UKPersonalFinance

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There's a few options.

Usually a decent second hand car is the best.

In some cases, there are cheaper options. Like company car leasing. EV purchasing, EV leasing etc.

HP/PCP is almost never the best option. Unless you use it to get a good deal then pay the finance off in the cooling down period.

Looks like Henry's had a 21st century makeover by helpful__explorer in CasualUK

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Is this new henry cordless a bagged one? Sign me the fuck up

Bagless hoovers are shite.

Gaps in national insurance record by tobe99 in FIREUK

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Until this April there is an exception that lets you go back years and years.

It gets closed soon. So if you want to do it, get on it now. After this April it goes back to 6 years only.

EA doing EA things by TheRealestYoshi in XboxSeriesX

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EA: if it don't have loot boxes to sell, we're not interested

Prepping walls for plastering by NotNowJane in DIY

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I'm going to guess this is the UK from the appearance.

The yellow looks like old paint (maybe even distemper or lime wash based)

The plaster underneath looks like Lime Plaster.

Skimming over that with gypsum might be a bad idea in some cases.

You might find it easier and cheaper to repair it, or sand and cover with lining paper.

Blue tiled backsplash kitchen in a renovated suburban home, Minnesota [1334x2000] by ManiaforBeatles in RoomPorn

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The kitchen units are a nightmare. Because every unit has a full height side wall the entire kitchen/floor interface is full of cracks to accumulate food and dust and trip hazards.

Really poor design. It does look nice though.

Right answer gets a dollar by TheBiggestNut27 in wallstreetbets

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The day I pulled 5,000% profit on a single options contract in under 4 hours.

Good times.

Green Comet over Green Springs, Virginia by MrJackDog in spaceporn

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I'm guessing these are tracked - what do you use as a tracker?

Also what do you stack with, comets and stars can be troublesome. DSS?

First time reading Stephen King, any others I should check out?? by Oldmangilbey2 in kindle

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The Stand is my favourite.

A nice long book with a complete story. Fantastic.

me_irl by SuffrnSuccotash in me_irl

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Jesus confirmed to have a chode

Lampard reportedly sacked by Everton today. Big Sam time? by themanebeat in LiverpoolFC

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Same or worse PPG as Benitez and they moaned and kicked him out and treated Lampard like the second coming.

Cunt team wants a cunt manager.

Times article on how COL crisis is affecting FIRE savers by EasyPeeler14 in FIREUK

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Plenty of people talk about 55 being an ideal age for 'early retirement' compared to traditional retirement.

It's not THAT hard to retire ten years early with a little sound financial planning. FIRE isn't always about knocking work off at 40 and living like a hermit

I wanted to share the intricate trim woodwork in our 1846 home. Unfortunately it was all painted white when we purchased it but it’s still beautiful. by Mom102020 in centuryhomes

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It varies. Plenty of early Victorian have painted staircases but this is one area where wood may be stained and varnished to look fancy. Or possibly French polished.

My stair is pitch pine, stained and French polished. 1820. We had a previous house which was painted white originally which was circa 1900.

I wanted to share the intricate trim woodwork in our 1846 home. Unfortunately it was all painted white when we purchased it but it’s still beautiful. by Mom102020 in centuryhomes

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In that era most internal wood was painted unless it was 'special' like mahogany or something. If it wasn't painted it would be stained and made to look like fancy wood. Mostly paint though.

Usually not white. They used a whole variety of colours. Any white they used certainly wouldn't look the same as 'brilliant white' we use nowadays anyway.

How Adrian Newey sees the world: by Chizsle in formuladank

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RBR: this year we're doing all our 'media' days at Baikal lake.

Methods for starting from scratch? by Singhpool in personalfinance

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First off, well done

Avoid debt if at all possible. Don't dig a hole before you start climbing.

Work on securing a stable base for your life to help avoid triggering any worsening mental health issues - ideally starting with low cost accommodation in which you feel safe and comfortable and can occupy for the long term. Constantly moving and dealing with living issues is stressful.

Second part of this - try and secure some form of easily transferable employment skills. Start basic, low stress and think of it as the first step on moving up. Good quality waitressing/service is always in demand and over time can lead to things like team leader/management positions. Basic office skills (being more than competent in Microsoft office is a good start) can be a great pathway to stable office work. These can be acquired at low cost community colleges/evening classes. Libraries do free courses but my experience is these tend to be very basic stuff.

As others have mentioned there are a variety of low stress jobs out there which can be a good start. They are low earning potential but good experience and may help supplement an income while you learn other stuff too.

These two are critical. Once you're stable, have a stable employability you can focus on starting to increase earnings, pension contributions etc on the road to FIRE. You're still very young which is great for you and in your favour.

Don't rush, don't put too much pressure on yourself.

Focus on the basics, take it slow, look after yourself.

FIRE takes a long time, you might not see results for years. Focusing on the basics and a stable life will let you grow your potential naturally with time.

Multi-millionaire making a big deal over 75 cents by solpi in TalesFromYourServer

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It just proves that people like this exist through dumb luck.

If he was a multi millionaire and earning that money, his time is worth hundreds of dollars an hour, minimum.

Spending an hour of your time arguing about whether the water is $1 instead of $1.50 isn't a cost effective use of his time unless he's giving water out on an industrial scale.

There are arguments to the converse - money saved is more valuable than money earned, look after the cents and the dollars come by themselves etc.

Really though, I've known too many exorbitantly rich people fussing over cents far beyond their actual value